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Time Marches On: Volume II of the Gems of Payette
by Dee Klenck

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Table of Contents

02More Historyxii
03The American Indian - Yesterday, Today & ?xvi
01Bob Baker1
02Helen Griffin Bertonneau4
03Duane Gowland6
04Harold and Beverly Rayburn9
05Scott Lemen11
06Melvin Lloyd13
07Leo Marsters15
08Paul Nutting19
09Edward E. Parsons, Jr21
10Harold Rand25
11Florence Royston27
12Ilo Schmid31
13Barbara Watson Schoen34
14Armoral Tuttle36
15Tom White39
16Bruce Birch41
17Kirk Redlin43
18Charles Roe46
19Mel Miller48
20Horace Brown50
21Dr A D Borgholthaus52
22Curtis Carico, Jr54
23Michael Dolton56
24Frances Fujii58
25Mary Good60
26Harmon Clayton Killebrew62
27Lisa Bell64
28H E McGary65
29Bert Osborn68
30Henry and Lillian Gissel70
31Charles Indermuehle72
32Perry Kail74
33Larry Lemons76
34Jerry Lunsford78
35Jerry and Red Kautz80
36Tollie and Nettie Masingill82
37Dennis and Elaine Lloyd85
38Ray Cross87
39Richard Strawn89
40Bryan Helmich91
41Warren Indermuehle93
42Richard Dillon95
43James McClure97
44Val Dolphus103
45Frances Davis105
46Raymond House107
47Leland E Thomas109
48Larry Tuttle112
49Gene Senkbeil115
50Robert Kniefel118
51Orville Barton120
52Gary Wagers123
53Fritz Hallberg125
54Don Newman127
55Ed and Mike Lettunich129
56Don Rich131
57Willard Ashton133
58Sam and Mildred Genoway135
59The Limbaugh's of Fruitland138
60Wesley Roehr140
61Richard Platz142
62John Franks144
63Steve Phillips146
64Jack Pence148
65Annette Manser Park150
66Robert Culver Killebrew151
67Joe Shockley153
68Don Patch155
69Mark Davis157
70Teton Machine Company159
71Michael Hoffman161
72Terry Adams163
73Michael J Bliss165
74Dave Ogburn166
75Richard Grimmett168
76Joe Hildebrandt170
77Idaho Power Company173
78Robert and Ann Debord176
79Asia Steffner and Tillie Neu179
80Ron Schoen181
81Tres Salerno183
82Cheryl Belknap186
83Nelson Metal Technology, Inc188
84Rick Furrer191
85Gene & Becky Sims192
01The Barb Horse195
02Charity Breakfast197
03Revising Rules of the Road199
04The Computer and I201
05The Universe202
06The Other Day - (Death)203
07The Other Day - (Determination)204
08The Other Day - (Attitude)205
09Killebrew Art Project206
10From Youth to Eternity208
11Thanksgiving and Football210
12Being Thankful212
13The Star That Beckoned214
14The Christmas Tree Nobody Wanted216
15The Sacrifice of Christmas218
16The Other Day - (Conversation)220
17When A Man Becomes A Boy221
18The New Year222
19New Years Day223
20I Can Remember224

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