In The Shadow of the Squaw
by Claire Goldsmith

The History and development of the New Plymouth community in Idaho as told in records, reminiscences, and pioneer stories. Partically written by the members of the Junior English class of the New Plymouth High School, 1951-1952.

Completed, compiled and edited by their instructor, Claire Goldsmith

Special Thanks to Dee Klenck for compiling and typing this index and sharing it with us!

The following index is a compilation of persons, locations and events described in "In The Shadow of the Squaw" by Claire Goldsmith as prepared by Dee Klenck


Ackerman, Albert60
Ackerman, Anna A76
Ackerman, Arnold68
Ackerman, Ben41
Ackerman, Bernal56
Ackerman, Don79
Ackerman, George42, 88
Ackerman, John41, 42, 59
Ackerman, Marie33
Ackerman, Theresia76
Ackerman, Wilma80
Ackerman & Hanigan42
Ada County17, 103
Adair, Mr41
Adams County24
Adams, Robert62
Agricultural College43
Albert, George74
Albert, Peter74
Albert, Wayne79
Alexander, Governor Moses17
Alfalfa22, 120
Allender, Rev14
All State58
Alshire, Judge55
Alters, Duane31, 82, 83
Alters, Ray31
American Board Of Psychiatry48
American citizenship83
American Legion69, 78, 88
Anderson, G C84
Anderson, Rev John59
Angus Cattle22
Apigian, Joe62
Applegate14, 122
Applegate, Alice119
Applegate, Cemetary17, 119, 122
Applegate, Delia119
Applegate, John W22, 118, 119
Applegate, Mary119
Applegate, S W118, 120
Ashby, Elbert63
Asmussen Bldg30, 49
Assembly Of God Church63
Augustus, R W34
Ayrshire Cattle24
Babcock, Mr34
Baby Clinic69
Bain, C F36
Bain, R F36
Baird, J R31, 32
Baker, Mr42
Baker City121
Baker, Oregon12, 64, 65, 98, 103, 121
Band Boosters Club57, 80, 81
Bank Check (40.00)103
Bannocks (Indians)13
Baptist Church51, 58, 64, 73, 111, 118
Barker, Clifford22, 56, 120
Barker, Craten58
Barker, Darrell22
Barker George5, 22, 119, 121
Barker School District54
Barnard, Lucinda76
Bartsch, John27
Baxter, Joe103
Beamguard, Frank55
Bean, H105
Bear Hunt93
Becker, Rev F A60
Bees19, 20, 46
Belding, Elder M A62
Bell Telepbone Co33
Benfield, Louis W75
Betts, Floyd70
Beutler, Heber S24
Bevin, 22
Big Willow22, 120
Billings, Montana117
Bingham, 85
Birding Island14, 121
Bivens, Grandma120
Bivens, John95, 96
Black Canyon27, 28
Black Canyon 4-H85
Black Hills114
Blacksmith Shop51
Blayden, Louie75, 102
Blom, Rev61
Blossum Bar & Pool Room34, 39
Blue Mountains121
Bluff Station14
Boggs, Roy82
Boise12, 32, 39, 44, 47, 49, 55, 60, 64, 78, 79, 83, 87, 88, 98, 100, 103, 110, 121
Boise Basin11
Boise City120
Boise County11
Boise Valley4, 14, 118
Boise Wholesale Drygoods Co42
Boomer, Mae24
Boor, George33
Boots & Shoes41
Bossen, O E17
Bothwell, Dr12
Bowers Hotel37
Bowler, Rev W H61
Bowman Ranch118
Boy Scout Band56
Boy Scout Troop 8564 , 81
Brainard, C E25, 26
Brainard, E C S97
Bremerton, Washington89
Bridtske, Herman61
Brotherhood Class69
Browning, Harry88
Brown Swiss Cattle24
Budge, Dr12
Buick cars36, 47
Burandt, Student61
Burke, Katie31, 76
Burke, Walter17, 26, 29, 38, 51, 54, 70, 74, 75, 77, 95, 105, 111, 114, 117, 118
Burke's Blacksmith Shop30, 74, 95
Burley99, 100
Burns, Rev James58
Burt, Callie102
Burt, C L102
Burtch, Rev Ford61
Butte (Squaw)96
Buttermilk Slough121
Buzz Saw School Newspaper58
Cafeteria Recreation Hall82
Calahan, Thomas11
Caldwell27, 28, 32, 53, 62, 79
Caldwell Sale Ring23
California57, 102
Campbell, Charles5, 70, 88
Campbell, Edna88
Campbell, Marie88
Canvas House12
Canyon County17
Carlson, Rev C V59
Carnegie Peace Foundation38
Carpenter, Wes79, 122
Carter cars36
Carter, Rev Harvey63
Castle Morgan Prison108
Catholic Church59
Cave, Joseph12
Chadwick, Berl 56, 87, 88
Chadwick, Ed56, 68
Chadwick, Ms Frankie37
Chadwick, Harry34, 40, 54, 56, 68
Chief Joseph122
Challenge Assn24
Chalmers Detroit cars36
Chamber Of Commerce78
Chautauquas68, 106
Cheney, Homer46
Cherry Festival79
Chevrolet truck39
Chicago, Ill15, 44, 84
Chief Gaul113, 115, 117
Chillcott, Merlin39
Christmas Concert57
Christmas Party76, 80, 118
Church, Joe83
City Hall34, 37, 39
Civil War100, 112
Clay Center103
Clemens, D A53, 58
Cleveland, Ohio50
Clipper Flat39
Cloud, W A17, 31
Club Pool Hall29
Coates, Ms84
Cogswell, A C36
College Of Idaho74
Collingsworth, Aaron78, 79
Collingsworth, Harold69
Colony Company16
Colorado109, 110
Columbia River14
Columbia Sheep23
Community Club77, 78
Community Fair69
Community Hall62, 63, 82
Compton & Steele Grocery95
Conger Cafe32, 51
Congregational Bldg Society59
Congregational Church56, 58, 64, 68, 70, 88, 105, 108, 109
Conservative Baptist Church64
Co-op35, 51
Co-op Oil Station111
Cooperative Irrigation Co67
Corruption Of Supplies114, 115,
Cotton, William120
Counsil, Chet82, 83
Court Martial114
Cove, William12
Cowles, Hugh62
Cox, E E36, 44, 45, 76
Cox, Hallie54
Cox, Lillian76
Craig, Rev Don63
Crawford, Robert12
Creasey Bldg32,
Creasey, Anna42, 76, 77
Creasey, Floyd41, 74, 75
Creasey, Fred41, 74
Creasey, Hall55, 60, 62, 63, 75, 77
Creasey, Jim41, 51, 76, 105, 106
Creasey Store105
Cross, Frank36
Crystal Bottom121, 122
Crystal Springs Stage Station95
Cub Scouting80
Cub Scouts81
Culver, Ben68
Curtis L W88
Curtis, S Webster88
Custer, General114, 118
Custer's Massacre113, 117
Dairy Herd Improvement Assn24
Darnell, Danny68
Darnell, Glen68, 77
Darnell, Matilda76
Darnell, Ross68
Darrah, H G88, 102
Dave's Dairy Club85
Davis, Edna54
Davis, Dr G E49, 80, 83
Davis, George42, 70, 79
Davis, Milan46
Davis, Virgina34
Dawson, George57
Day, E P43, 49, 51
Day, E W M36
Day's Real Estate51
Deal, J D24, 25
Dee's Barbershop53
Denver25, 47, 110
Department Of Idaho89
Dewey Place101
Dillon, H C78, 79
Dillon, H E36
Distinguished Flying Cross89
District Fruit Growers19
Dobbs, L W67
Donaldson, George107
Dooley, John121
Dorothy, Charles46
Dorothy, Gene46
Dotson, Ed55, 56
Dotson, Roy56
Dotson, Tom5, 78, 79
Drake Drug Store45
Dr Emma48
Dr Paul48, 88
Drinkwine, Earl58
Drug Store51
Dry Buck101
Drysdale, Dr49, 88, 95
Drysdale, Ruth48
Drysdale, W T36, 43, 47
Duborkas, Frank68
Ducan, Don62
Durham Cattle12
Duroc swine23
Dygert, Dr49
East Blvd41
Eastman, Bernard36
Eder, C F36, 45, 56, 77
Eder Hardware Co45
Edson, Elmer87
Edwards, Will78
Elder, Rev J Edwin59
Eldred, Eber88
Eldred, M S88
Electric cars98
E M F car36
Emmett11, 12, 25, 31, 32, 47, 79, 96, 100, 109, 110, 118, 119
Emmettsville11, 100
Emory, Mr99
E Nelson A Miles Camp87
England109, 111
Epperson, Ray79
Erie Ralroad30
Ervery, J G88
Escondido, Calif57
Explorer Scouts Post64
4H Clubs83, 85
4H Pig Club84
4H Pins85
4H Sewing Club84
Fahnestock, Ludlow78, 79
Faifer, W R57
Fairman, Fred37, 58
Fairfield, Nola58
Falk Community11, 12, 14, 24, 47, 99, 100, 102, 111, 121
Falk, David12,
Falk, Nathan13, 110
Falk School District54
Falk Store6, 11, 12, 18, 47, 96, 100, 103, 110
Faris, Brady88
Farmers Cooperative Irrigation District Co25, 26, 27
Farmers Cooperative Creamery24
Farmers Cooperative Ditch35, 48
Farmers Cooperative Institute79
Faust, Charles88
Feldman, Orval82
Feldman Ranch122
Felthouse, Paul62
Ferch, H58
Ferch, Leona58
Ferch, Rev A I59
Ferguson, Nellie5
Field, Clara Anna76
Field, J R85, 105
Fire Dept34, 39
Fire Station40
First Baptist Church37, 57, 61
Fisher, John24, 43
Fitzsimons, Charles30
Five Stichers Club84
Fix-it Shop30
Ford car36
Fort Ellis112
Fort Jefferson12, 13, 102
Fort Lincoln115, 118
Fortner, Mr83
Founders Day82
Fourth Of July55, 56, 68, 73
Freezeout Hill100, 110
Frei, Adolf61
French, C S (banker)26, 36, 38, 44, 46, 51, 59, 71
Fred (banker)36, 51, 59, 75
Fred, T D36, 46, 95
Friendly 4-H'ers84
Fruitland17, 19, 21, 33, 44, 46, 48, 49, 55, 62, 69, 77, 78, 87, 89, 101
Fruitland Canning Assn.21
Fruitland Fruit Assn19
Fruitland Fruit Cooperative19
Fry, Elder Harry64
Future Farmers Of America81
Gaffney, Rev Charles D59
Galbriath, Robert75
Gallahue, Father60
Galloway, Rev Dean63
Garner, Rev61
Garrison, Mr31
Gaston, Kenneth82
Gem County24
George Edmond Thiel Post88
George Washington81
Gilbert, Rev Thomas59
Gillespie, Helen53
Gillett, Frank94
Gillett, Lucille94, 95
Gilmore, May6
Godschalx, Rev L C59, 60
Gold dust114, 120
Gold Hill Mine100
Golden Rule Store42
Goldsmith, Claire1, 2, 5, 6, 57
Goldsmith, W H30, 31, 78, 79
Good, Henry34
Good, Anna33, 34
Goodwill Club77
Gorieux, Rt Rev Bishop60
Gorton, Bill56
Gorton, Vernice31, 49
Grafe, Rosella76
Graham, Guy87
Grand Lodge77
Grand Rapids, Michigan38
Grange Hall64, 76, 78
Grasmick, W H70
Graves, Douglas J21, 36, 46, 75, 106
Graveyard Gulch Cemetary17
Greenbacks120, 121
Greenlee, Rev Clyde59
Gregory, C E78
Gresham, Clifford88
Greyhound Bus37
Griffin, Dave62
Grigg Brothers Quick Freeze21
Gross, John88
Groves102, 110, 111, 122
Groves, Charley111
Groves, Ross107
Groves, William11, 109, 110
Guernsey cattle24, 84
Gwin, John69, 78, 79
Hailey, Jim121
Hale, Edward Everett15
Halpin, Father T C60, 83
Hamilton, H H30, 54, 77
Hammock Family106
Hanigan, J H17, 42
Happy Hour Club77
Harlow, Edna46
Harper, Ed95
Harper, Fred24
Harris, Walace78
Harry, Clyde55
Hart, Alice119
Harvey, Paul82
Hastings, Nebraska97
Hatfield, M&M42
Hawaiian Islands62
Hawthorn St50
Hayden, A P31
Hayes, Richard82
Hellenberg, A J77
Henderson, Roy79
Hereford Cattle22
Herman, Nebraska41, 43
High School54, 82
High, S W21, 24
Highlanders Lodge106
Highway 3037, 61
Hill, Anna102
Hill, Bob102
Hill, Emily76
Hill, Hugh102
Hill, Sam102
Hilman, Wash107
Hinchliff, H S25, 38, 97, 105
Hislop, Lawrence63
Hog Heaven101
Holstein cattle24
Holstein Club84
Holy Rosary Hospital47
Home Cafe51
Homeopathic Physician106
Hoppelman, H H60
Hopper, Bill82
Horseless buggy94
Horseshoe Bend12, 14
Hot Springs110
Hoyt, Marion62
Hunt's Ferry121
Hutchinson, Jim122
Hutton, Oren29, 105
Hyde, Johnny67
Hylton's home105
Idaho43, 58, 59, 74, 77, 79, 85, 89, 95, 96, 102, 104, 105, 106, 108, 110, 120
Idaho Canning Co21
Idaho City99, 100, 119
Idaho Newspaper12
Idaho Egg Producers23
Idaho Governor102
Idaho Oregon Light & Power Co35
Idaho Packing Co23
Idaho Power35, 41
Idaho Stageline11
Independence, Missouri64
Independent Co33
Indianola, Nebraska43
Indian Agents114
Indians13, 103, 110, 113, 115, 121
Indian scare95, 102, 122
Indian War of 187699, 114
Ingalls' Cabin35, 105
International Mind Alcove38
Inward, Paul79
Iowa47, 53
Irvin, Henry22
Jackass Gulch14
Jackel, Rev Charles59
Jackson, Al95, 96
Jackson, Elder Max62
Jackson Home105
Jackson, Joe113, 115, 118
Jackson, LaVerne62
Jackson, Ramsey120
Jacobs, Claire58
Jacobs Rev61
James, Bill82
Japanese Forces89
Jersey cattle24
Jersey Club25, 84
Jewel, Dr L E67
Johnson, Charles120
Johnson, Henry121
Johnson, Irvin88
Johnson, Lloyd25
Johnson, S C103
Johnson, W C22, 102, 118, 120
Jones, Fred88
Jones, G S63
Judy, Rev Clayton59, 690
Junior High School54
Kahle, Rev H A61
Kaiser, J J82
Kansas99, 103
Kansas City101
Kaurin, Rev Earl61, 64
Kellerman, W F61
Kelton, Utah101
Kennedy Cemetary17
Kennedy Family103
Kennedy Ranch118
Kennedy, Robert102, 122
Kennedy, Sam107
Kent, Rollo85
Kershaw, Rev John59
Ketchum Home73, 105
Kettle, Dr W W49
Keyes, Rev M J60
Killebrew, Gene32
Kinder, W D83
King, Betty120
King, Nannie120
King, Mike55, 101, 102
King, Rev Russell63
King, S W120, 121
Kiser, George104
Kiwanis Club82
Kiwanis International82
Knead & Need Club84
Knight, Buck79
Knight, Rev Henry F30, 108
Knight, Julius88
Knight, Lynn58
Knox, Wates96
Kocher, D H84
Korean War87, 91
Krauss, Richard61
LaCrone, Estella5, 35, 76, 84, 111
LaCrone, James F51
Latter Day Saints Church63
Lee, Earl62
Lee, Harold84
Lenton, Eleanor57
Lewis, C E69
Library37, 38
Lickey, Rev61
Lill, Martin75
Lincoln, Nebraska43
Linder, Mr85
Little, Dave96
Little Horn River114, 116
Little Malheur122
Little Willow121
Lockner Charlie31
Log Cabin Service Station28
Lower Payette Ditch15
L S M 2700s Radarman 3/C89
Ludwick, Rev Harold57, 61
Ludwick, Will102
Lutheran58, 60, 74
Lynch, J W38, 73, 75, 94, 95
Lynch, Irl94
Lynch, Jim105
MacDonald, Rev59
Macomb, Irene105
Macomb, Jack79
Madden Cogswell Co106
Madrid, Nebraskqa46
Magic Pictures67
Magic Stitchers84
Main St30, 41, 43, 49, 68, 73, 74
Makinson, Alice76
Makinson, Clyde31
Malheur County24
Manns Creek93, 96
Marine Aircraft Group89
Marnoch, Elizabeth60
Martin Family106
Mason, Daisy11, 37, 104
Mason, Joe46, 54, 59, 74, 103, 104
Mason, George88
Mason, Mr85
Mason, Ross51
Mathews, Gilbert64
Matson, Gilbert84
Matthews, Neil24, 70
Maupin, Billy98, 99
Maxwell car36, 44
Maxwell, Fred83
McBride, Dr C M 19, 47, 97
McCarroll, B F33
McClelland, Mary37
McConnell, Governor105
McElroy, Tom87
McFarland, A J12, 14, 98, 99, 119
McFarland, Mabel103
McFarland Place104
McGowen, Father60
McIntire, Caroline H76
Medicine Shows68
Meechan, Louis88
Meier, Ernst61
Memphis, Tenn108
Men's Commercial Club37
Mercantile35, 51
Meroney, Ed70
Methodist14, 58
Meyer, A41, 43, 45, 105, 106
Meyer, Anna41, 76
Meyer, Elizabeth76
Meyer, Ernst39, 41, 44, 78
Meyer, Katheryn, 76
Meyer, Katie76
Meyer & Creasey Store41
Miles, Errol58
Mills, Eldon69
Minacker, Rev61
Mineral Wealth49
Mississippi50, 120
Missouri11, 64, 100
Modern Woodmen75
Mogg, Rev C60
Monroe, Elder62
Moore, Elder Philip64
Moore, Rev E A63
Moore's Service Station67
Morgan horse12
Morrow, Rev119
Moscow School Editors Meeting58
Moss, A B26
Motion pictures67
Mountain Home110
Mountain Meadow Massacre109
Mountain States T & T Co33, 34
Mud & Tubs94
Music Festival54
Nampa22, 79
National Cancer Society49
National Grange78, 79
National Irrigation Committee15
Navy89, 109
Nazarene Church63
Neal, Amanda110
Neal Family102
Neal, Johnnie A75, 107, 122
Nebraska41, 43, 44, 46, 97
Nesbitt, Clarence22
Nesbitt, Ira88
Nesbitt, J Frank99, 100, 101
Nesbitt, Milt101
Nesbitt, Scott25
Nesbitt, Milt5
Nester, Rev61
Nevada, Governor102
New Plymouth1, 12, 16, 17, 21, 24, 25, 28, 37, 41, 43, 44, 45, 47, 49, 55, 56, 58, 62, 64, 68, 69, 73, 79, 82, 83, 84, 85, 87, 89, 93, 97, 101, 103, 105, 106, 111
New Plymouth Colony Company38, 53
New Plymouth Fire Dept39
New Plymouth Floral Club38
New Plymouth Groceteria43
New Plymouth High School1, 5, 54, 57
New Plymouth Junior English Class1, 5
New Plymouth Mercantile42
New Plymouth Public Library38
New Plymouth Schools53
New Plymouth Sentinel31, 34
Newport, Mr27
New York101
Nez Perce117
Nichols, Cash12
Nichols, Doug100
Noble Ditch27, 105
Nobel Grand75, 77
Nolan, Father John60
Norfork, Virginia50
Northern Idaho College Of Education57
Northwest Assn55
Norvell, Bob82
Noyes, George68
Nuptial Mass60
Nutting, Glenn64
Nyssa, Oregon22, 45
Odd Fellows42, 74, 76
Ogden99, 120
Oil Wealth49
Old Oregon Trail14, 18
Old Sage Place104
Olds Ferry95
O'Leary, Michael88
Omaha49, 101
Ontario47, 63, 69, 79, 87, 107
Ontario Livestock Commission23
Oregon24, 45, 46, 49, 64, 110, 120, 122
Oregon Stage Line11
O'Toole, Rev Joseph P60
Outlook Newspaper31
Overland car36
Oxen99, 100
Pacific Northwest15
Packer, K L78
Packard, Rev61
Paddock Valley101
Palace Hotel51
Palmer, Mr83
Panama Exposition20
Pare, F88
Parkview Cemetary17, 38, 48, 74
Parkview Cemetary Club38
Parton, Burton64
Patheal, Charles68
Patton's Point25, 26
Paxton, Dr C C48
Payette12, 21, 24, 25, 33, 35, 41, 47, 49, 54, 57, 58, 60, 69, 73, 75, 77, 82, 83, 87, 89, 94, 96, 97, 103, 105
Payette Bottoms22
Payette County17, 84, 103, 107
Payette County Fair70, 80
Payette County Weed Control84
Payette Lakes27, 56
Payette River11, 14, 27, 28, 47, 99
Payette Valley5, 14, 15, 19, 23, 44, 50, 53, 100, 101, 110, 118, 119
Payette Valley Coop21
Payette Valely Independent Telephone Co32
Payette Valley Irrigation & Water Power Co25
Payette Valley Packing Company19
Payette Valley Sentinel Newspaper6, 21
Peacocks Club51
Pelfrey, Dr121
Pence, Delia5
Pence, Peter22, 95, 118, 120
Pence, Place120
Pence, Tom22, 83
Pennington Hdwe42
Penrod, Paul35, 70
Perisho, Mr51
Personette, Virgil57
Phelps, Rev George63
Phillips, J W94
Phillips, S E73, 95, 105
Picket Corral11
Picket Gang11
Pickett, Charles78
Pierce, Rev D A58
Pierson, Clara38
Pinson, M&M James4, 5
Pioneer Bldg30, 33
Pioneer Hall37, 49, 51, 63, 68, 69, 78
Piper, Zelma62
Placerville11, 12, 119
Plaisted School District54
Platz, John79
Pleasant View Schoolhouse55
Plughoff, William44, 94
Plymouth Ave48
Plymouth Company16, 68
Plymouth Hardware & Implement Co44
Plymouth Hardware & Lumber Co43
Plymouth Slope Community Hall64
Plymouth Theatre67
Poland Chinas Swine23
Pomeroy, S L5, 93, 99, 103
Ponca City, Oklahoma45
Pony Express79
Popma, Dr A M49
Porter Creek14
Portland34, 41101
Potter, Louis82
Powder River114
Powers Groceteria43
Powers, Mr43
Presbyterians53, 58, 59
Price, Rev William56, 59
Prior, H C77
Priscilla Club77
Priscilla Rebekah Lodge76
Pritzel, Charles24, 69
Pritzel, Joe24
Producers Farm Supply21
P.T.A80, 82
Puppet Show81
Purkhiser, Frances5
Puritan Society73
Railroad47, 73, 98, 102, 120, 122,
Ranger Alfalfa22
Ransom, Bob42
Ransom, Cora76
Ransom, Kitty54
Ransom, Rachael76
Redman, L17
Reed, Alice58
Reed, Pauline58
Relief Society64
Relyea, Amanda105
Relyea, Veda107
Relyea Vet59, 106, 105, 108
Reno, General114, 117
Renshaw, Mr53
Reo car36
Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ64
Reverand Father59
Rice, Rev Clayton59
Rice, Joie107
Richards, Keith85
Riding Club54, 79, 80
Ringer, A C75
Ringer, Elizabeth76
Ringer, Fred74, 75
Ringer, J105
Ringer, Milton88
Ringer, Mr94
Ringer, Robert32
Ringer, Wilford88
Ritz, Elder A P62
Riverside Cemetary17
Robertson, Frank83
Robertson, Ina58
Robinson, Robert50
Rocky Mountain Divide46
Roden, Joe25
Roepke, Gus105
Rome, N Y101
Roney, M&M Phillip5, 20, 21, 46
Rose, Mr54, 105
Rosedale Cemetary17
Rosemary (Cow)25
Ross, C Ben108
Royal Neighbors of America76
Russell, Warren83
Sabbath School62
Sage, Emma76
Salt Lake City34, 97
Sanderson, A B82
Sand Hollow44
Sandpoint, Idaho77
Santa Claus76, 112
Sarchipone, Aldo89
Sargent, C H24, 84
Saturday Night56
Scalping114, 117
Schenek, Ida53
Schmelzel, William70
Schmid, Fred69, 84
Schmid, Rose Ann70
Schmid, Walt69, 70, 85
Schmidt, Leo68
Schrecongost, Alvin82
Schuler, Ms Aloys24
Scrivrer, Inez83
Sears, Rev%9
Secretary Of The Interior28
Secretary Of The Navy89
Security Co. of New York25
Seventh Cavalry114
Seventh Day Adventist62
Sewer System36
Shafer Creek14, 119
Shainwald, Ed12
Sharp, Gene61
Shaw, Mr30
Shaw, Brick32
Shaw, Eleanor32, 95
Shaw, J M58
Shaw, Reuben32
Shaw, Rustin54
Shawhan, B P15, 29, 73, 103, 106
Shawhan, J H29
Sherman House15
Shinuich, Father60
Shorthorn Cattle22
Silver Leaf Camp76
Simms, Chester12
Simms, Sam12
Simpson, Dave85
Sioux Indians113, 117
Siple, Ralph55
Sires, Ms80
Sisler, S H36
Sitting Bull117
Skinner, William31
Slate, Beecher68
Slater, Irvin24
Slaughter, Rev C H63
Slone, Kizziah J76
Smith, Colbert62
Smith, Dr J W48
Smock, Carlyle87
Smock, P Monroe17, 30, 31, 36, 61, 102
Smythe, William15
Snake River11, 14, 47, 100, 107, 122
Snyder & Sons29
Snyder, Clyde56
Snyder, E E51
Snyder, Eleanor White57
Snyder, Grace33
So & Sew Club84
Soda Acid39
Solomon Islands89
Sorenson, Bill82
South Blvd75
Southdown Sheep23
South Dakota109
South Pacific89
Spanish American War87
Speech Clnic54
Springsteen, H E88
Squaw Butte4
Squires, Norma Lee57
St Agnes59
Stanley, Rev I N59
State Grange79
State Jersey Breeders Assn24
Stauff, O B70
Steel & Compton30, 74
Stegall, Allen105
Stellings Place68
Sterling, Hazel62
Steunenberg, A K74
Stevens, Avis Jeannie76
Stevens, F S29, 43, 51, 75
Stevens Hotel105
Stevens Store105
Stevenson, Adlai102
Stevenson, E A102
Stewart, Mary Carter76
St Louis108
St Louis World's Fair20
Stock & Crop Club85
Stone, Casey98
Stoner, Jay56, 57
Storms, Rev61
Stovel, 29, 53, 105
Strange, Rev59
Strauss, Dr A V49, 50
Strawn, G B79
Strawn, Lester23
Strohbein, Ed24, 64, 65, 84
Strong, M B76
Stuart Cemetary17, 101
Stuart, George62
Stuart, Mary100
Studar, William14, 95, 100, 102
Student Leaders Conference54
Sturdy, Hilda79
Stuve, Edna54
Suffolk sheep23
Sugar beets22
Sugar Beets Factory22
Suicide ride115
Sullivan, Mike42
Sullivan, Roland42, 77
Sunday School58, 64
Sundles, Archie75, 95, 105
Sundles, Esther33
Sunnyside 4 H85
Sunshine Brand24
Sutton, Fay17
Sutton, Harvey74
Swatman Bldg33
Swatman, Charlotte88
Swatman, Elmer88
Swatman, Josie88
Swatman, Lillian88
Tackett, Walt79
Taft, President30
Talbot, A F78
Talbor, B F78
Terry, General114, 117
Texaco Service Station106
Thiel, Frank88
Theil, George88
Thomas, Leland E89
Thomas, U S S Leland E Thomas89
Thomas, D E89, 420
Thompson, Harry5, 57, 82
Thompson, Ranch11
Thurston, Robert V32
Tindall, Rev Jim63
Toombes, James11, 12
Toothman, Elsie57
Towery, Rev John59
Town Hall51, 53, 74
Trayer, E E41, 43, 77
Trayer, Mary38
Trayers Jewelry Store51
Triangle Ranch18, 101, 103
Tucker, LaVern62
Tuttle Lumber Co106
Tuttle, Ray5, 37, 88
Tuttle, R G30, 31, 105
Ubbelohde, Rev Kenneth59
Umatilla Landing14
Umatilla Stage Line11
Union, Oregon46
Union Pacific R R37
United States22, 83, 89
United States Infantry108, 109
Updyke, Dave11
Upson Place101
Utah26, 101, 109
Utah Idaho Distict83
Utah Stage Line11
Vacation Bible School64
Vale, Oregon48, 87
Valley View44
Vandenberg, Rev Father60
Van Petten Lumber Co30, 45
Van Petten, Bertha45
Van Petten, E C45, 46
Van Petten, Paul45
Van Winkle, Margaret76
Vaughn, Ernest83
Vaughn, George24
Venable, Abe50
Vernholm, Willard31
Vesey, Miss29
Veterans Administration48
VFW89, 91 (see complete list of Members)
Vogel, William57
Wachter, Bill43, 44
Wachter, Laura E76
Wachter, Louis30, 41, 45, 105
Wagner, Elder Fred62
Wagner, Leo63
Walker's Traveling Shows69
Walla Walla14, 101, 121
Walling's Club51
Walsh, Father Leo60
Ware, Bob83
Warren, Dan84
Washington County24
Washington D. C. 27, 114
Washoe Ferry11
Washoe Hill106
Water System35
Wayman, William26, 75
Weidner, Hallie Cox32, 54
Weidner, Henry20
Weiser59, 60, 96, 104, 105, 111
Wells, Pauline Flint95
West Blvd29
West Elm51
Westendorf, Pastor61
Western Coop24
Western Store33
Whelan, Anna33
Whelchel, W H101
Wherry, Ben70
Wherry's Hdwe51
Whiffin, Lena53
White, Harold56, 57
White Hardware44, 49
White, Mr67
White, Raymond56
White, Roy43, 44, 77
Whites44, 45
Whitney Pratt20
Wilcox, Arthur55
Wilcox, Orlo55
Williamette River14
Williams, Bill12, 42, 122
Williamson, Verlin57
Wilson, Mary119
Wilson Meat Animal Production84
Wisconsin48, 109
Wisconsin Infantry108
Wiseman, Doris62
Wiseman, Dorothy62
Wolfrey, Robert85
Woodward, Mr57
Women's Civic Club37
World Of Idaho Newspaper (Idaho City)12
World War I87, 88
World War II87
Wright, Dr121
York Brothers93
Youtshil, J105

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