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New Plymouth High School
New Plymouth, Idaho

VOL 5 NO 7
NOV. 27, 1946


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Editor ....... Margie Penrod
Assistant Editor ....... Joyce Gaston
Features ....... Annette Gaston, Leeta Munger
Sports ....... Bill Carpenter, Jimmie Gilmore
News ....... Ruth Fishback, Helen Capps

Class Reporters:
Senior ....... Eula Wisner
Junior ....... Virginia Glowser
Sophomore ....... Vera Sattgast
Freshman ....... Alene McDaniel

Cartoonist ....... Charlene Chandler
Business Mgr ....... Clara B. Harris
Advertising ....... John Green
Circulation ....... Mary L. Baker, Shirley Harwell
Mimeographing ....... Laura Donner, Marie Haynes
Typists ....... Typing II Class
Advisor ....... Miss Kostenbader, Mr. Price

Thanksgiving Day in the United States is a day set apart annually for the giving of thanks to God for the blessings of the year. Originally it was a harvest thanksgiving and the festival still takes place late in the autumn, after the crops have been gathered.

Every year about Thanksgiving time our thoughts go hack to the Pilgrims, who Celebrated the first Thanksgiving in the new world. The Pilgrims' first winter was spent in terrible hardships and many of them died. The next fall in 1621 after the crops had been gathered, Governor Bradford decreed a day of Thanksgiving, to give thanks. The women in the colony spent days preparing the feast and finally all was ready. Tables had been set up out of doors and the company set about them as one big family. There were even friendly Indians who had brought their share of food to the great celebration. This first Thanksgiving, however, was not merely a feast there were prayers and sermons, and songs of praise.

Later, the states had a Thanksgiving Day at different times, until President Lincoln proclaimed the last Thursday in November as Thanksgiving Day, and since then practically all of the presidents have followed his example.

Thanksgiving Day is looked upon with great reverence and it is particularly a family day, when all the members of a family gather together for a reunion and to give thanks.

The Inter-Class Tournament got under way Thursday with every man reporting for duty so the coach could pick his practice squad. The former lettermen, all Seniors were not permitted to play on the teams, but were given the job of coaching the classes. They were as follows: Lynn Groves - Seniors, Jim Gilmore - Juniors, Bill Carpenter - Sophomores, and John Penrod - Freshmen. With only one hour of practice the big contest got underway with a bang-up game between the Juniors and Sophomores. The Juniors with the aid of Coach Gilmore and Supervisor, Mr. Hills, walked over the Sophomores 22-12.

In the final game of the evening the Seniors triumphed by defeating the all time winner, the Freshmen, by a score of 15-6. All of Coach Groves' men saw action.

On Friday night the Freshmen and Sophomores tangled in one of the closest games ever witnessed. With only a minute to go the Sophomores drew cut in the lead 13-9. In the final contest for Class Champions the Juniors defeated the Seniors 13-9. On Monday night an all star team picked by the Coach played the Lettermen. The Lettermen were the winners of an easy victory, the score being 39-19. Glenn Darnell and Gerald Wilson officiating.

Mr. Moss from the masters Engraving Company was here last Thursday and helped the Seniors select their announcements and cards from numerous samples. The material will arrive later on in the year.

The Junior elected Alma Adell Paul as their new Student Council member as Albert Burke quit school. Also they been thinking about the play to be put on next spring.

Friday evening, November 22, the Student body sponsored it's first school dance of the year. This year for the first time a dance was held in the gymnasium. The floor was a little slippery at first, but was better later on.

The Capps Family furnished the music in place of the phonograph which had been used in the past. As usual there were more boys in the stag line than were dancing. However, some of the under classmen got up enough courage to dance and they did very well.

Several members of the faculty ware also present, among them Mr. Thompson, who livened up the dance by dancing with the N.P.H.S. Coeds.

Friday , November 22 , the Seniors had the privilege of presenting the program for a Student Assembly. Glen Darnall made a very capable and entertaining announcer.

Mr. Hills played "Memories" on his ? accompanied by Annette Gaston for the first number on the program. The following boys: Paul Criss, John Crawford, Gary Wilson, Jimmie Gilmore, John Penrod, Bill Carpenter, and Lynn Groves, took part in a very amusing skit, "Crimea Does Not Pay or When You Play Poker You Better Check Your Guns At The Door." Following the skit the Senior ..................

Girls' Sextette, composed of Virginia Bean, Ruth Fishbeck, Charlene Chandler, Annette Gaston, Elva Worthington, and Millie Anne Woody, sang "Some Sunday Morning" and "Memories." The entire program was very successful and proves that N.P.H.S. has some talent, which should be encouraged.

Tuberculosis, sometimes called the "white plague" is the cause of about 1/10 of the deaths in the human family. Affection of the lungs is its most common form. No age, race, or sex is immune from T.B. attacks. It is an accepted theory that the human race has gradually been building up a resistance to the disease through a process of natural immunization.

Tuberculosis is caused by a specific microorganism, a minute, rod-like parasite of vegetable origin, 1/8000 of an inch in length. Children are especially susceptible to the invasion of this micro-organism otherwise known as "bovine tubercle bacillus." It is carried through the air with the dust, minute drops and spectum. There is also transmission of this germ through contaminated feed, water, and milk.

The most helpful way to prevent T.B. is lots of sunlight. An ideal place for a tubercular victum is a sanatorium in a healthful locality. In all cases the earlier the diagnosis, start cf treatment, the better are the chances for recovery.

Schools all over the U. S. participate with the selling of Christmas seals which goes to help the people stricken with this deadly disease. The same plan that was used last year for selling Christmas Seals within the classes will be used again this year. There will be a contest to see which class buys the most seals.

Tommy M. is still "Dewey" eyed over Alberta and Don H. keeps crying to make it a four-some if only a certain new little Freshman girl would oblige. Don's apparent loneliness is attributed to the fact that she hasn't been back to school lately. Isn't that right, Don?

Rumors are flying that Beverly is deeply "soaked" these days over Emmett's Gene Krupa the second in other words Jerry Waters is the guy. Does that convertible I saw him in once at Emmett go along too, Bev?

Nothing like a nice quiet (?) evening at home or so Virginia B. and Oliver Woods think. Anyway they sit the evening away on the family davenport when a straight-backed chair would be just all the room they need!

Off-again-On-again or so the Gilmore-Worthington romance goes. Well anyway, Jim whenever you leave the B. B. floor you'll always be sure of a good yell from the cheer leader(s). But then so will Bill C.

Anhette G.and Lorraine A. spent half of Fri. night at a Caldwell dance with two Payette ex-G. I.'s The other half, they ran the stop signs because one was a cop's son and his Hudson carried an Ex. license.

Millie Ann and Junior B. are still on the loose practically every nite. No wonder Millie has sea-bag's under her eyes every morning what with him an ex-Marine.

Margie P. goes in for Hudson's too-from the looks of a familiar blue one practically every nite in the Penrod-Bean parking lot. From the looks of the nightly traffic there, it might not be a bad idea to install a few parking meters.

This ought to be added to the Seven Wonders cf the World - Mr.Hills and Mr. Price both after the same grade school teacher! Ah! May the best man win!

Those Soph, are at it again!! What with Ora B. a "locket" from a certain Fruitland-ite and Joyce G. A "steady" from the C. of I.

Darryl and Joyce, Ernest and Vera spent one recent evening touring the country. How's that for a night?

There's nothing sissy about these Senior Boys. From the looks of their skit Fri. They can stand anything - even saloon brawls!

Paul Currit goes in for the - better things of life such as Afton's costume jewelry. His current pin is a white oval covered with "purty" pink roses.

Paul Criss casts downward glances when ever he talks to Bet Caffey. Not bashful are you, "Butch"?

Orchids to Mr. Thompson and his popularity among the Student Body Fri. nite at the dance. We highly approve your Fred Astaire-ing!

The Seniors are beginning to feel very important what with their announcements and cards ordered. Just think, 12 whole years of agony to get these!

Imogene is still very much elated over her Ontario Beau's frequent visits. No wonder she can hardly wait for the end of play practice?

I wonder how Emmett and Helen C. is coming? Apparently very well from the circles under her eyes after a hectic but hilarious night.

Wayne D. and Keith R. are in the same boat as two certain above mentioned teachers. The same family is also involved!

Juanita P. spends her after supper hours with Cecil Fowler!! And didn't I hear Mildred Smith recently mention Vincent P.? Or was that somebody else????

"No leave, no love" applies very nicely to Jeanette F, who is waiting very patiently for Logan to come home.

John C. was being mobbed in the hall last week concerning his romance-of-late with a certain Erma Baines. What say- Crawford?

Jack just can't get along without Ruth it seems. (Not that I blame him of course) Fri. nite was a recent example!

Mine eyes beheld an airmail letter with South Pacific markings on Laura D's desk. Emmett again - I'll bet!!

(More gossip on another page)

Eula W. - One with a car, I guess!
Mary I'll never tell Ha! Ha!
Annette G. - Anything from a Basque speed cop's son!
Virginia B. - Who do you think????
Shirley P. - Oh, don't be stupid!
Jeanette F. Guess who!
Pat M. - Anyone can guess that!
Charlene C. - never can tell!
Elva W. - I think red hair is nice!
Ruth F. - Some kids ask the dumbest questions!
Helen C. - tall, dark and handsome
Millie W. - Silly people!
Irma B. - tall, dark and lonesome!
Leona L. - I don't have any!
Ora B. - I haven't decided!
Joyce G. - C. of I. Coyotes!
Imogene R.--one that comes on time.

Gary W. - the ones chat work!
Glenn P - What you crying to do - get me in a jam?
Keith B. - one who is good looking and intelligent.
Duane S. - that's hard to say.
Max Capps- - I don't know.
John Green - nice personality, good looking, and a swell figure.
Paul Criss - short , fat, and 4-F !
Jim G. - the strong ones.
Bob B. - a blonde with a good sense of humor.
John P. - Some kids ask the dumbest questions!
Mr. Hills - Blonde, medium height,and personality plus originality.
John C - 5'2" and eyes of blue!

Kenny Cisney made the gossip column this week due to the fact that he was a little extraordinarily "happy" at a recent occasion. And a girl wasn't the reason either I suggest we dedicate Hoagy Carmichaels "Ole Rockin' Chair" to him!

Mary C, is out runnin' the highways these nights - only he's not alone. A Blue V-8 makes it sound like Emmett Woody, doesn't it? Well it is, too!

Shirley P. was seen around o'er the country Sat. night with Jimmy Fitzsimons. Look for more developments soon and don't say I didn't warn ya!!

Furniture stores come in real hardy don't they - Junior and "Arky" Especially when you are planning for the future????

John G. and Charlene are certainly "just good friends" -or so they say, but we see them together all the time. And those corsages ---------wow ! !

I wonder why Ramona C. goes around with stars in her eyes????? Couldn't be because Dick Ames wrote her a letter, or could it?

Shirley just can't leave the family name along. From Ford's to pick-ups in one big leap and a good lookin' Junior from Sand Hollow at that!

Mr. Hills was seen last Fri. evening up until the crack of dawn playing chauffeur for an unreasonably amount of little Freshmen, When I say the car was green and a Studebaker, you have the complete story.

Who are those unidentified "people" that keep calling "Glenna" out of bed every night? I'd tell you if I knew I!

Mr. Hutton was also a very much sought after dancer Fri. nite And not all "broom" dances either!

Even Mr. Gerlach let the calves milk his cows so he could come to the dance last Fri. night!

So we conclude this weeks gossip sheet until the next issue to again create and make-up more scandal about the kids and teachers!

Pulling silver dollars from midair, making colored handkerchiefs disappear, and pulling a rabbit from a student's sweater, is just a few of the "magical," but amusing tricks performed in the N.P.H.S. Gym Tuesday afternoon at 1:00 p.m.

The master magician, Lee Grabel Impersonated the Chinese magician, complete with theatrical robe, doves, and "magical signs."

The hit of the afternoon was the "mystery of the disappearing cage" which was supposedly a gift to Verna Sattgast. The accused were none other than Claire German and Floyd Strom.

Mr. Grabel closed with the in-convincib1e warning, "Don't always believe what you see!"

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The new theatre is scheduled to open sometime this week after a long period of eager waiting by many who saw the old one go up in flames about 7:00 last July 3. After several months in the high school gym and a month of no - where it is very eagerly looked forward to by entire New Plymouth. A few lessons will probably go undone, and a few questions unanswered in classes, yet at least the parents will know where the majority of the students are after supper. , New Plymouth has absolutely nothing for its high school students and rather than spend every night as a "dull evening at home", most kids run around trying to find their own entertainment, most of it disapproved by the parents or most of them having littie or no idea where their kids even are. I'm not saying this in criticism of everyone, I'm just trying to show how much improvement will be made socially with a theatre once again in New Plymouth, and one of the finest in the country, at that.

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