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Published by
New Plymouth High School
New Plymouth, Idaho

VOL. V. No. 4
February 24, 1947

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Editor ................ Margie Penrod
Assistant Editor .... Joyce Gaston
Features ............ Annette Gaston
Sports .................... Bill Carpenter, Jimmie Gilmore
News ...................... Ruth Fishback, Helen Capps, Laura Donner, Marie Haines

Class Reporters
Senior ........................ Eula Wisner
Junior ................ Virginia Clowser
Sophomore ............ Vera Sattgast
Freshman ........ Alene McDaniels

Business Mgr..... Clara B. Harris
Advertising ............ John Green, Charlene Chandler
Circulation .. Mary Louise Baker, Shirley Harwell, Neil Dillon
Advisors ........ Miss Kostenbader, Mr. Price

There are three people in our high school of whom we can really be proud. I am referring to our yell leaders. At our games, especially the tough ones, I believe it can be said that they in their own way work as hard as the basketball team. It seems when the yelling section really gets behind the team and show them that they really want to win the game, it gives the team a lift. So here's a salute to you, Elva, John and Barbara! You're really doing a grand job!


This tall, dark Senior was born in Payette January 2, 1929. His brown eyes go well with his hair which is that dark brown color so characteristic of dark brunettes. By now you know this 5' 11" Senior boy is John Alexander Pen-rod, better known as Jack. He came here from Parma when he entered the third grade, and has made- himself well known around the school and town. About three years ago he even made himself known as far east as Falk district where he disregarded all his past girl friends and made Ruth Fishback his "Steady'. His present and probably future life is dependent upon this. Jack lists the following as some of his favorites:

Sport: Basketball, swimming

Actor: Gary Cooper Actress: Greer Garson

Food: Honey Movie: "Gone with the Wind."

Song: Jealousy (when it is played right.) Book: Forever Amber Subject: Trig Pastime: Bees. Pet Peeve: Trig Ambition: (refer to first paragraph) Activities: Football 1-4; basket ball 2-3-4; baseball 2; Senior play So mark my words, when you see all 162 pounds of Jack riding along the road somewhere, he's thinking of one thing. The word "Honey". But it has two meanings, Ruth and his bees.

This pint size Senior was born in Haxton, Colo. August 24, 1929. She has hazel eyes, brown hair. Shirley has gone to New Plymouth schools since the first grade, so you know that everyone must be pretty well acquainted with her by this time. Just in case you aren't though, we will proceed to tell you a few of her likes and dislikes.

Sport: Basketball
Subject: Shorthand
Actor: Dana Andrews
Actress: Jeanne Crain
Movie: "One More Tomorrow"
Food: Angel food cake
Pastime: Sleepin'
Pet Peeve: Guess? Ambition: Career girl

Shirley was a member of the band and girl's glee club the first three years of high school. She also played the part of Sharon Hassler in the Junior play, "Too Many Mothers." Shirley plans to go to business college after graduation and we wish her all the luck in the world.

Geraldine was born January 25, 1930, in Duvall, Wn. She is five foot one inch tall and weighs 103 pounds. She has attended New Plymouth High for three years. Here are a few of her favorites:

Sport: Swimming, fishing and hunting
Actor: Bing Crosby, Errol Flynn
Actress: Dorothy Lamour, Allexis Smith
Food: Any of her grandmother's cooking
Movie: "The Jolson Story"
Book: "Duel in the Sun"
Subject: Chemistry
Pastime: Bill Colefield, chemistry
Pet Peeve: Buzz Saw (sometimes) This I refuse to believe!
Ambition: Airline stewardess Geraldine was a majorette last year and she has been in the glee club for two years. Lots of luck in the future, Geraldine.

This Senior was born in Portland, Ore. December 16, 1928. She has hazel eyes, brown hair, weighs 120 pounds and is 5 foot 4 inches tall. By now you know it could be none other than Pat Moss. Pat has gone to school here for three years. Here are a few of her favorites:

Sport: Football
Actor: Dennis Morgan
Actress: June Allyson
Food: pie
Movie: "Sentimental Journey"
Book: "Her Husband's House"
Subject: Study hall Pastime:
Doing nothing
Pet Peeve: People who join the Navy
Ambition: To see Frank (wonder who he is?) again.
Pat was one of our majorettes during her Junior year, and this year she is a member of the Senior girls' basket ball team. And very good, too, I hear. She also took part in the Junior play, "Too Many Mothers." Pat is very well liked by all of us and we wish her much happiness in the future.

Millie Ann was seen at church Wednesday night instead of on that usual mid?week date. We heard the "boyfriend" was catching up on his sleep.

Charlene remember that this isn't leap year... asking boys to take your girl friends home in his car just because little brother said so isn't being done now.. Or is it??

Ruth seemed to be kind of mad at a certain remark directed at her boy-friend... Seemed that he didn't like pink and white for the class flower. Scarlet and gray was much more appropriate.

Geraldine R.'s new (not so new, at that) heart interest is Bill Cole-field from Emmett.

Love seems to travel by mail. Anyway those frequent letters Shirley W. gets from her guy in Texas seems to be her joy and delight.

Erma B. isn't hogging the spotlight any more... 'smarter, kid, are you losing your touch??

A certain blonde freshman really gets around, but she can't quite go with everyone so some of her admirers, such as Donnie C. have to be satisfied with just getting a letter.

Steady couples still seen a-round - proving that true love does run smoothly-Barbara and Bill C, Bob W., and Shirley P., Fred and Faye, Gary and Darlene, Mary Louise and Claron, Virginia and Oliver, Marjorie and Ben, and others too numerous to mention.

Eula W. has been escorted a-round of late by a certain Junior.-Watch for further developments.

I thought things were going to be quiet after Jimmie O. left but seems Pat C. has taken his place cause between every period she shrieks: "Turn on the lights!" Seems she can't see into the dark interior of her locker. Well, who can,?

This off again - on again business is driving me crazy, Elva and Jim. Pu-leez make up your mind for everyone's sake!!

Johnny Green is having fun lately or at least he makes one think so. Visions of "Edith H." dance through his head like "sugar plums" in that famous Christmas story.

Somebody tells me that Joyce A. has been going with Bob Brumet - what does Lorraine say about this? Or did she get tired of him and give him to you???

Well-well- Helen and Junior seem to be through - but leave it to Helen - she now has Vance on the string. At least that is the way it appears what with all that flirting.

I saw Alberta Dewey in Caldwell Sat. night with her same two boy-friends. You're doing pretty good, Alberta - keeping two on the string.

You either shouldn't go to bed so early Shirley Pope - or you should train yourself to answer the telephone the first time it rings. "That certain blonde in the house" might beat you to it sometimes. Then what would you do??

I see Nadine reading lots of mail. I couldn't see the postmark because she's aware of inquisitive people like myself - but the letters probably have an Alaskan stamp on them.

1. Anyone beating Bob Boyer and Kenneth Cisney to the add-machine first period in Bkkg.
2. John Crawford a Republican or Gerry Wilson a Democrat.
3. Johnny Green not wanting people to tease him about "Edith".
4. Charlene and Bob not fighting over their typewriter covers.
5. N. P. H. S. not making a good showing in basket ball.
6. Helen Capps getting to school on time.
7. Jack Moss not laughing over something last period S. H.
8. Faye, Bessie and Imogene not discussing their third period class.
9. Wayne Dillon not getting all "riled up" over politics in Am. History.
10. Charlene not "admiring" to have something.
11. Geraldine not telling people about Bill Colefield from Emmett.
12. Junior Darnall not "playing the field".
13. Beverly not "drooling" over somebody from Ontario.
14. Vance Wilson doing an assignment 4th S. H. Library here I come.
15. Keith and Floyd not driving around at noon.
16. The new Life being on the rack in the Library when you want to read it.
17. The girls finishing their lunch at noon before the boys.
18. The Freshmen and Sophomore boys not talking out loud in S. H. last period.
19. The Freshmen and Seniors rot getting tangled in the hall between classes.
20. Tommy M. and Don H. not laughing about "the world in general".

Oh, how we danced on that night we were wed, we vowed our true love though a word wasn't said. The world was in bloom, there were stars in the sky, except for the few that were there in your eyes. Dear when I hold you so close in my arms, Angels are singing a hymn to your charms. Two hearts gently beating, murmuring low, Darling, I love you so. The night seemed to fade into blossoming dawn, the sun shown anew but the dance lingered on. Could we, but recall that sweet moment sublime, we'd find that our love is not altered by time.

At a class meeting recently, two seniors, Bessie Knight and Charlene Chandler, were nominated by the class for the Pepsi-Cola scholarship. These two girls look the aptitude tests for this scholarship last Monday.

On February 7, the class also received their memory books, which were issued by the Master Engraving Co. These books were one of the main attractions of the week.

At an assembly Friday, February 14, sponsored by the faculty, Father Halpin was present to speak to us on the subject Education. This proved to be a very interesting hour for the student body.

Joyce G. - "Squirrels" and '42 fleetlines.
Helen C. - Griping because we don't have more H. S. dances'
Nadine D. - Looking in the mail box - and I just know there won't be a letter.
Annette G. - You mean you have to ask? Why, Emmett, natch.
Bob Boyer - Blondes!! Blondes!
Virginia B. - Guess???
Jeanette - That would be telling!
Shirley W. - Movie magazines.
Shirley P. - What do you think??
Eula W. - -Listening to the gossip of Arky and Annette.
Mary L. B. - Guess who?
Elva W. - Wouldn't you like to know??
Charlene C. - Green coupes.
Milly A. W. - That's a silly question.
Geraldine - '37 Plymouth without any lights. With the owner, of course.
Ruth F. - Tan Hudson Terraplane with a dark haired driver.
Glenn D. - Joe Henggeler's Buick.
Jack P. - I dunno.
Ron Moss - Anything.
Bessie K. - New cars especially green.
Laura D. - Airplanes and flyers.
Welton W. - Girls!
Lucille W. - '37 Chrysler with a 1-G license.
Yosh M. - I don't know.
Mr. Gerlach - Giving surprise tests in Chemistry.
Joyce A. - Boxing with my sister.
Paul C. - Female Creeps.

Respectfully dedicated to Chemistry Students.

Once upon a time, there lived in the magic land of Argon a little girl. At least everyone thought she was only a little girl. She looked like one with her flaxen curls and elfin face and blue eyes. But she was really a very wicked witch, who had come to catch all the little girls she could rind and bake them into a lucious pie. This pie would be for the king of the Bad Land of Nitrogen, whose name was Splinter. The witch caught all of the little girls she could and baked them into a pie and took them to the king. He began to eat it, when out copnei a little girl. "What?" roared Splinter, "Aren't you cooked?" "No," said the little girl. "And the other little girls aren't either." Then Splinter became very angry and he said, "I am so mad I feel hot." The little girl whose name was Oxygen said, "I am really a good fairy and I fixed it so that the little girls wouldn't be cooked, instead they are all gone back to the magic land and only I am left. The king became so mad that he began to glow and then suddenly j Splinter was on fire. He was too near to Oxygen. "Ha, Ha" laughed Oxygen, "Now you and your bad witch and the Bad Lands will burn up. Ha, Ha. Goodbye Splinter, old twig," and away flew the good little Oxygen back to the magic land of Argon.

Now if you want to find the bad lands you can't, all that is left is a field of black eyed daisies which are very harmless little creatures who whisper sweet tales among themselves as everyone knows.

Moral - Never bake a little girl named Oxygen in your pie.

Author - Florence Stockton

The Southwestern District 3, class B basketball tournament will be held in Mercer Hall at Wilder, February 25 to March 1.

Teams for this tournament wild be chosen from the 23 class B schools which make up this district. The district extends from Mt. Home to Riggens.

There are three subdivisions in the entire district. Eastern and western Boise valley leagues and the northern Long Pin league.

The Eastern division will send their three best teams to the tournament which will be decided by a sub-district tournament to be held at Mt. Home. Strong teams in this division are Franklin, Middleman, Mt. Home, Bruneau. Other teams entering the Eastern Sub-district are Kuna, Melba, Eagle, and Grandview. The Western division of the district will send three teams to the tournament according to seasons play. Fruitland is not in any class league and will play the western division third place team for the right to enter the tournament. New Plymouth, Wilder, Homedale and Mailing are now the contending teams, and each has its last league game Feb. 21.

The two from the Long Pen league will be the champion and runner-up for the Sub-district tournament held at Council where eight schools will compete.

The tournament will be double elimination with all eight teams playing the first two nights.

The event of a tie the championship game will be played Monday night.

Trophies will be awarded to champion, runner-up and consolation.

The winner of the sportsmanship award, an American Flag, will be decided by the district sportsmanship committee.

The tournament was planned by the boards of control of the eastern and western division and a representative from the Long Pin league. D. C. De beaumont, Supt of Franklin schools and class B district president is the chairman.

Harold E. Roberts, Wilder Supt, was selected as tournament manager Tournament officials will be selected by teams participating.

The boxing season at New Plymouth High opened with a 6 to 4 victory over the Caldwell high school Cougars, last Thursday evening. The card was well received by a large crowd of sports followers, and everyone expressed a desire to see more of this sport in the future.

In the opening bout Harold Roudebust decisioned Grant Merrick of Caldwell in the 93 lb. class. Billy Zahm punched out a decision over L. Fritts. his Cougar opponent. Jack Naylor won his first fight for the Pilgrims with a decision over Eldo Garland. Lee Robison lost a tough decision to Billy Horton of Caldwell. James Hatfield won his third match in as many tries for the Pilgrim team with a decision over Billy Nibler. Carroll Flack was outpointed by Don Southwick of the Cougar squad. Douglass Cross had too many lefts for his opponent. Riley Wilson of Caldwell. Allen Ogdon, winner of his two previous bouts, ran into tougher competition and the best he could do was a draw with Bob Lundquist.

Paul Currit fighting for the Blue and White, gave the crowd a good show as he outslugged and outboxed LeRoy Ward for a decision that was very popular with the crowd. Richard Stockton lost a close decision to Clarance Flagg of the Cougar team.

Many compliments were handed local school men on the fine ring and one veteran sports fan from Payette stated that it was the best one in southwestern Idaho.

The local boys will have one week in which to overcome the weaknesses which showed up and a large percent of it will be spent on conditioning, according to Coach Thompson. The Pilgrims will be hosts to the Payette Pirates here on Monday Feb. 24.

The New Plymouth Pilgrims nailed down a championship trophy last Friday evening as they defeated Marsing for their ninth win in class B conference. The final score read New Plymouth 41, Marsing33. The supremacy of the Pilgrim team asserted itself in first quarter as they piled up a 17-5 lead, and continued to hold it the rest of the game. Marsing staged a rally in the fourth quarter while the Pilgrim squad was staffed with reserves, but with the return of the regulars, the lead was increased again. The entire squad played good ball. Carpenter and Penrod found the basket frequently, and Gilmore worked the backboards and stood out with his ball handling.

The Jrs. won an easy contest from the Marsing boys 28-9, Marsing failed to score from the field making their 9 points at the free throw line.

Vale Victorious
A rugged basket ball team from Vale ran rough shod over the Pilrims for one half Tuesday night, piling up a lead that gave them a 40-26 victory.

The half time score gave Vale a 24 to 5 count. The Pilgrims out-scored their opponents 21-16 the last half.

Friday night the local team will journey to Wilder for the last scheduled game of the season. While this game is not vitally important to the Pilgrims they will be out to hang up a victory and thereby keep their Class B record clean. The Class B District tourney begins next Tuesday evening at Wilder. The Pilgrims are scheduled to play at 8:30 against the second place team-from the Eastern division of the district.

Greenland Reported
Sinking into the Ocean COPENHAGEN. - Members of a Danish scientific expedition reported that Greenland is sinking into the sea at the rate of about 60 inches per century.

The scientists, just returned from Greenland, said it had been ascertained the 834,000-square-mile island is slipping back into the sea at an increasing rate. One hundred years ago, the island sank at the rate of only 40 inches per century.

The scientists also predicted that Greenland's tropical climate of 10,000 years ago is gradually returning, but made no prediction as to the length of time it would take for the present Arctic climate to disappear altogether.

Drake Drug Co.
Sav-Mor Drug
Phone 1

Marshall-Wells Store
WARE and SON, Owners
You'll find scores of extra values in every

Glenn's Shoe Repair Shop

Wherry Hardware

New Plymouth Groceteria
R. J. Sullivan, Owner

Hatfield Feed and Fuel
PHONE 32 RES. 83

Payette Valley Co.op. Oil Co., Inc.

New Plymouth Mercantile Co.
PHONES 40 and 41
"The Home of Good Things to Eat and Wear"

Nicholson Equipment Co.


Mary's Beauty Shoppe
Shampoo - Hair Cream
Mahdeen for Dandruff

Jensen's Cafe
"It's a Good Place to Eat"

Idaho Power Company
"A Citizen Wherever It Serves"

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