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New Plymouth Sentinel 1912

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New Plymouth Sentinel
Thursday, January 04, 1912
Richard Atherton, a sheepherder well known in New Plymouth, was found dead in his cabin near Falk's store on Tuesday.

New Plymouth Sentinel
Thursday, January 11, 1912
Sad Death

The sad tidings was received Saturday from Richland, Idaho, that Ruth, aged 7, daughter of Rev. and Mrs. Gilbert, had expired from pneumonia. Ruth was a favorite of everybody during her father's pastorate here, and her demise is deplored by all in this community. To the grief stricken parents heartfelt sympathy is extended and we point them to the promise: "At eventide it shall be light."

New Plymouth Sentinel
Thursday, January 25, 1912
The sad news of the death of Mrs. G. W. Zeller, mother of Mrs. C. A. Strong, at Easton, Penn., was received here the first of the week. Mrs. Strong was at her bedside when she passed away, and her many friends extend sympathy in her sad bereavement.

New Plymouth Sentinel
Thursday, February 01, 1912
Elijah Batron committed suicide in Long Valley last week. He was known in New Plymouth, at one time being in the employ of Ed Doherty, the sheepman. The cause of the awful deed was over indulgence in liquor.

New Plymouth Sentinel
Thursday, February 15, 1912
The infant boy of Mr. and Mrs. F. V. Cobb passed to realms above on Saturday. The spark of life went out like exhalation of a fragrant minion of the woodland, and in its stead was left only a holy and beautiful memory --- a memory of the lovely boy, yet how sweet, how uplifting its influence. (Park View Cemetery)

New Plymouth Sentinel
Thursday, March 28, 1912
Death of John Dillon

John Dillon, father of Harry Dillon, a highly respected citizen, died at the family home last Sunday, after a lingering illness, the cause of his demise being tuberculosis, aged 62 years.

Mr. Dillon remained conscious to the last, although fully aware that life was near its end, he manifested no dread, but bravely awaited the termination of the struggle.

He leaves one son, Harry, and many friends to mourn his demise. The body was shipped Monday, to Albion, Neb., for interment, his son Harry accompanying the remains.

New Plymouth Sentinel
Thursday, April 25, 1912
J. C. Oliver, died in Boise April 18, of heart trouble. He was 68 years old, a pioneer of New Plymouth, and a war veteran. His death came as a severe shock. Four sons and six daughters, mourn his death. He was buried at the Fort Boise cemetery, last Saturday.

New Plymouth Sentinel
Thursday, May 23, 1912
Death of Mrs. John Neal

Mrs. John Neal of New Plymouth passed away Saturday at the home of her daughter, Mrs. C. M. Williams of Fruitland. Mrs. Neal was taken very ill of heart trouble, later developing into bronchial pneumonia. However, she had apparently passed the crisis and hopes were entertained for her recovery. Deceased was born in Nashville, Tenn., Aug. 10, 1836, coming to Idaho 38 years ago. They lived continuously in Payette valley, having a large family of eight children, all living, beside the devoted husband. When the end came all were gathered around her bedside the eldest son, W. C. Langley of Seattle, Isaac Neal of New Plymouth, Mrs. J. Ritchie of Cambridge, Mrs. Emma Youtsler and John Neal of New Plymouth, Mrs. Ross Clement of Notus, Mrs. C. Williams of Fruitland and Mrs. Branham, of Emmett. Funeral services were held at the home Sunday afternoon, Rev. Minaker of the Baptist church, of which she was a member, officiating. She was laid to rest in the Kennedy cemetery north of town, beside several of her grandchildren. (Applegate Kennedy Cemetery)

New Plymouth Sentinel
Thursday, June 20, 1912
James A. Henderson was born at Colesburg, Iowa, Feb. 14, 1846 and died at his home near New Plymouth, Idaho, June 18, 1912 and so attained an age of a little more than sixty-five years.

On the 8th day of May, 1807,he was united in marriage with Miss Loisa J. Best, who, with three of the five children born to them, survives him. Two of the children died in infancy. Those remaining are Talbert E. Henderson of Sutherline, Oregon, Mrs. J. N. Snider of Clearwater, Neb., and Miss Eva, who lived with her parents, the comfort and stay of their declining years.

The Henderson family came to New Plymouth about two years ago and purchased the little farm where they have sine resided. Mr. Henderson has been in poor health for several years and though he made a brave effort, he was not able to break the grip of the malady that had fastened upon him and on Tuesday; p.m. he gave up, as we all must, the unequal battle. Brief funeral services were conducted on Thursday, a.m. at the home. From there the body was taken by hearse to Payette for shipment to Norfalk, Neb., which place was the family residence for some years. Mrs. Henderson and her family have the sympathy of the people among whom they have lived since coming into this community.

New Plymouth Sentinel
Thursday, June 27, 1912
Boy Dies Suddenly

Carl Henry, the seven year old boy of Mr. Henry Conrad, died early Wednesday morning of meningitis, after having been sick but six days. During his sickness he suffered intensely, caused by the accoupying high fever which brought on a delirium from the very first out of which he never emerged until a few minuets prior to his death, when with fingers ? in prayer entwinged and a smile on his lips he passed out of this life into the life beyond.

A short but impressive funeral service was conducted at the house of the bereaved parents after which interment took place Wednesday evening at 8:00 o'clock at Park View Cemetery.

To the bereaved parents goes out the heartful sympathy of the entire community in the loss of their son. (Park View Cemetery)

New Plymouth Sentinel
Thursday, September 05, 1912
A Sad Death

Sam Creago, aged 23 years and 3 month, was killed last Friday at his homestead on Big Willow. He was riding a horse which became excited and fell over backwards throwing Mr. Creago in such a manner as to render him unconscious, and within twelve hours he passed to the great beyond.

He leaves a wife, and babe six months old, to mourn his death.

The entire valley extend their heartfelt sympathy to the family.

Funeral services were held at Payette, Monday.

New Plymouth Sentinel
Thursday, September 05, 1912
Killed By Live Wire

Earl Shaw, aged 26, was killed Friday afternoon while passing with his hay derrick under the Oregon-Idaho high tension wire. Shaw had hold of the cable when the current passed from the high tension wire down the derrick and through his body killing him instantly. The accident occured on the Hubward ranch, three miles south of Nyssa. Shaw leaves his wife and a small family who lived on the Idaho side in the Black Canyon district.

New Plymouth Sentinel
Thursday, October 10, 1912
A Sudden Death

Mrs. Widner, daughter of E. E. Cox and wife, who has been visiting here the past week received the sad news Tuesday morning by telephone that James Harrington, her father-in-law had died suddenly of papalysis. Mr. Harrington is one of the oldest residents in the Payette valley. (Riverside Cemetery)

New Plymouth Sentinel
Thursday, November 07, 1912
Two Deaths

Henry M. Wells died at his home on the first day of November. He was born at South Strafford, Vt in the year 1855. Married in Kearny, Neb., April 8, 1902 to Lizzie L. Kelley who, with one son, Merril age 10 years survives him. The family lived in several places in Iowa, Nebraska and New Mexico, coming to Idaho about three years ago. Mr. Wells was a quiet and industrous man, a kind neighbor and a good citizen.

The funeral service was held on Sunday afternoon Nov 8 at the Congregational church of which he was a member. His wife and son have the sincere sympathy of the entire community.

New Plymouth Sentinel
Thursday, November 07, 1912
Two Deaths

The infant son of Mr and Mrs Carl Lane died at the Paris home on Tuesday, Nov. 5. He was born Aug. 16 of the present year. He was bright and promising child, the joy of his parents' hearts. His death was sudden and unexpected. A brief funeral service was conducted at the home Wednesday and the little casket hidden from sight at Park View cemetery.

He who loved the little children
While the path of earth he trod
Will provide for baby Carrol
In the Paradise of God. (Park View Cemetery)

New Plymouth Sentinel
Thursday, December 05, 1912
Mrs. Eliza Williams mother of Mrs. Lake passed away Saturday at 11:25 a.m. after an illness of ten weeks. Funeral services were held at Emmett, from there the body was shipped to her old home at Oxford, Idaho. The body was accompanied by C. W. Lake and wife and J. P. Clifford.

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