1900 Federal Census Key
Payette, New Plymouth and Stewart Precincts, Canyon County, Idaho

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1900 Federal Census for Payette Precinct, New Plymouth Precinct and Stewart Precinct, Canyon County, Idaho

This census was enumerated by Robert B. Wilson between June 1, 1900 and July 3, 1900

Description of Census and Explanation of Numbers

Supervisor's District No. 43
Enumeration District No. 132
"#" is the Number Order of the Person on the Page
"1" is the Dwelling Number
"2" is the Family Number
Name (On the actual census there is only "3" not "3a" and "3b")
"3a" is the Surname of the Person
"3b" is the Given Name of the Person
Personal Description of Person
"4" is the Relationship of This Person to the Head of the Household
"5" is the Color of the Person
"6" is the Sex of the Person
"7a" is the Month the Person was Born
"7b" is the Year the Person was Born
"8" is the Age of the Person
Marital Status
"9" is the Marital Status of the Person (Married, Single, Divorced or Widowed)
"10" is the Number of Years the Person Has Been Married
"11" is the Mother of How Many Children
"12" is the Mother of How Many Children Living
Place of Birth (Nativity)
"13" is the Person's Place of Birth
"14" is Where the Person's Father was Born
"15" is Where the Person's Mother was Born
"16" is Year of Immigration to the United States
"17" is Number of Years in the United States
"18" is Naturalization
"19" is the Occupation of the Person
"20" is the Number of Months Unemployed in 1900
"21" is How Many Months the Person Went to School in 1900
"22" is Can the Person Read
"23" is Can the Person Write
"24" is Can the Person Speak English
Ownership of Home
"25" is if the Person Owned or Rented
"26" is if the Person Owned or Mortgaged
"27" is if the Person Had a Farm or House
"28" is the Number of the Farm Schedule

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