1920 Federal Census
Payette County, Idaho

Alphabetical Surname Index

030 Nadle Abriham 198a
031 Nadle Artman 198a
004 Napton Lewis 142a
005 Napton Elma 142a
059 Nathken William 207b
060 Nathken Mary 207b
003 Naylor Gillis 198a
73 Nayor Frank 165b
74 Nayor Ella 165b
048 Neal Isaac 183a
049 Neal Sarah 183a
050 Neal Bernice 183a
051 Neal Thomas 183b
052 Neal Margarett 183b
053 Neal Mary 183b
098 Neal A 186b
099 Neal Ethel 186b
100 Neal Pauline 186b
009 Neeley Mary 142a
008 Neil William 169a
066 Neilson F R 178b
067 Neilson Mary 178b
068 Neilson Ingrid 178b
069 Neilson Robert 178b
070 Neilson Rolland 178b
095 Nelson Charles 149b
096 Nelson Cora 149b
097 Nelson Lavon 149b
097 Nemeyer Malinda 177b
098 Nemeyer Jack 177b
099 Nemeyer Donald 177b
01 Nesbitt Milton 167a
02 Nesbitt Willa 167a
03 Nesbitt Woodrow 167a
04 Nesbitt Maxine 167a
013 Nesbitt George 149a
014 Nesbitt Pricilla 149a
051 Nesbitt John 196b
052 Nesbitt Mary 196b
35 Neutze Otto 167a
36 Neutze Anna 167a
37 Neutze Raymond 167a
20 Newburn Arthur 165a
005 Newell Adelbert 164a
006 Newell Catherine 164a
007 Newell Velda 164a
008 Newell Vera 164a
070 Newell Walter 176b
071 Newell Leota 176b
072 Newell Donald 176b
073 Newell Eugene 176b
074 Newell Winifred 176b
075 Newell Helen 176b
75 Newton Hiram 199b
76 Newton Ruth 199b
078 Newton Edward 206b
079 Newton ?? 206b
080 Newton Stella 206b
081 Newton Theodore 206b
082 Newton Francis 206b
083 Newton Albert 206b
020 Nichols Eldred 168a
021 Nichols Mattie 168a
046 Nichols Ervin 168a
083 Nickens Robert 204b
057 Nitzel Adam 163b
058 Nitzel Emma 163b
060 Nitzel Latwig 163b
061 Nitzel Lawrence 163b
062 Nitzel Alma 163b
063 Nitzel Lena 163b
064 Nitzel Frank 163b
065 Nitzel Rosa 163b
066 Nitzel Frieda 163b
067 Nitzel Johanna 163b
068 Nitzel Alfred 163b
059 Nitzel George 163b
021 Nodle Lewis 210a
022 Nodle Bertha 210a
042 Nodle Jacob 210a
043 Nodle Julia 210a
100 Nohrenberg Hattie 198b
058 Nokes Earl 174b
059 Nokes Emma 174b
060 Nokes Elroy 174b
071 Nornberg Frank 204b
055 Norris John 193b
056 Norris Louise 193b
057 Norris Harriet 193b
058 Norris Jack 193b
059 Norris Gilbert 193b
031 Nort William 143a
032 Nort Annie 143a
014 Noyes Fred 154a
015 Noyes Mary 154a
016 Noyes Pauline 154a
034 Noyes Katherine 156a
035 Noyes Merle 156a
036 Noyes Alice 156a

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