1920 Federal Census
Payette County, Idaho

Alphabetical Surname Index

099 O Kane Irene 144b
01 O’Donnell Thelma 165a
02 O’Donnell Elmo 165a
03 O’Donnell Marguerite 165a
04 O’Donnell Michael 165a
05 O’Donnell Mary 165a
097 O’Donnell Charles 164b
098 O’Donnell Margaret 164b
099 O’Donnell Charles 164b
100 O’Donnell Catherine 164b
054 O’Neil Christopher 164b
055 O’Neil Catherine 164b
006 Obannon Phoenix?? 136a
007 Obannon Etta 136a
008 Obannon Gladis 136a
009 Obannon Raymond 136a
090 Ogg Edward 205b
069 Oldham Joseph 206b
070 Oldham Elsie 206b
050 Oliver Ella 164a
051 Oliver Alice 164b
074 Oliver Ross 168b
44 Olk Theodore 148a
45 Olk Della 148a
93 Olsby Older 147b
007 Olsen Monnie 150a
008 Olsen Blanche 150a
009 Olsen Ray 150a
010 Olsen Bernice 150a
011 Olsen Glenn 150a
012 Olsen Lavelle 150a
001 Orcutt Amanda 142a
002 Orcutt Gladys 142a
003 Orcutt Ester 142a
032 Orcutt Arthur 180a
033 Orcutt Mary 180a
034 Orcutt Lenard 180a
035 Orcutt Lois 180a
100 Orcutt Henry 141b
011 Orr James F 145a
012 Orr Anna 145a
013 Orr James F Jr 145a
049 Orr Fred 141a
052 Orr John 141b
053 Orr Minnie 141b
054 Orr Jack 141b
95 Ory Freddie 199b
061 Oster W 190b
062 Oster Henrietta 190b
063 Oster Jacob 190b
064 Oster Wendelin 190b
065 Oster Henrietta 190b
066 Oster Amelia 190b
067 Oster John 190b
068 Oster Anna 190b
069 Oster Elizabeth 190b
070 Oster Henry John 190b
017 Otter William 156a
25 Owens Thomas 199a
26 Owens Rebecca 199a
27 Owens Hersel 199a

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