1920 Federal Census
Payette County, Idaho

Alphabetical Surname Index

053 Yager Elmira 151b
054 Yager Lucy 151b
055 Yager Edward 151b
056 Yager Frank 151b
081 Yatakow Tereuti 175b
001 Yeager Henry 139a
002 Yeager Lillie 139a
003 Yeager Chester 139a
004 Yeager Gussie 139a
005 Yeager Ottie 139a
006 Yeager Thomas 139a
017 Yeazell W A 174a
018 Yeazell Ida 174a
019 Yeazell Harmen 174a
020 Yeazell Claude 174a
016 Yost Dora 178a
017 Yost Robert 178a
018 Yost Frank 178a
019 Yost Raymond 178a
095 Yost Richard 201b
008 Young Lee 188a
009 Young Christine 188a
010 Young Edward Carl 188a
056 Young Josephine 170b
057 Young June 170b
064 Young C W 181b
065 Young Gertrude 181b
066 Young Zola 181b
067 Young Lambert 181b
068 Young Ralph 181b
069 Young Pansy 181b
079 Young Henry 193b
080 Young Minnie 193b
081 Young Marquis 193b
082 Young Mildred 193b
085 Young August 191b
086 Young Ethel 191b
087 Young Helen 191b
088 Young Weldon 191b
089 Young Bernice 191b
090 Young Dorothy 191b
013 Yount Sophia 144a

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