An Illustrated History of the State of Idaho
By Lewis Publishing Company, 1899, Page 301-302


Falk's Store is the oldest settlement in southern Idaho between the Boise basin and the Snake river. A station on the Utah, Idaho and Oregon stage line was first located there, and around it sprang up an outfitting and trading post which had all those lively characteristics incident to the frontier. The first store was established about 1867, by James Toombs, on what is now called the Scott Stuart place, about a mile and a half below Falk's Store proper. A few years later he was bought out by A. J. McFarland, who successfully conducted a large business for about ten years. Nathan Falk, now a prominent merchant in Boise city, then established a store at the station, and from it the name was taken. In those days the place boasted a hotel, store, saloon, blacksmith shop and numerous smaller enterprises, and in proof of the assertion that times were good in the seventies it is said that Falk's store alone did a business of sixty thousand dollars in one year. The building of the railroad, however, put an end to staging and Falk's Store has since declined.

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