Railway Age 1906

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The Railway Age, Volume 41
January 1, 1906 – June 30, 1906
The Railway Age, Monadnock Block, Chicago


Payette Valley.—Incorporated in Utah to build a railroad from Payette, Idaho, southeast. 22 miles, through a rich agricultural and fruit section, and it is said to be the intention to start the work of construction this spring and push the road to completion as rapidly as possible. H. E. Dunn, vice-president and general manager, with headquarters at Payette, Idaho. A. B. Moss of Payette is treasurer and C. W. Nibley of Ogden, Utah, is president. Capital stock, $100,000. (February 16, 1906, Page 266)

Railway Building in Progress – Over 13,000 Miles of New Line Under Contract in the United States
Pacific State – Idaho

Payette Valley – Payette southeast, 22 miles, incorporated. H. E. Dunn, vice-president and general manage, Payette, Idaho. (March 23, 1906, Page 461)


Payette Valley – H. E. Dunn, vice-president and general manager, Payette, Idaho, writes that surveys have been made for this road from Payette to New Plymouth, Idaho, 15 miles, and that grading is to begin on April 1. C. W. Nibley, president, Salt Lake City, Utah; W. F. Noot, C. E., Payette, 1daho. (April 6, 1906, Page 632)

Equipment and Supplies
Stations, Yards and Terminals

Oregon Short Line is said to be planning the erection of station buildings at Weiser, Payette and Caldwell, Idaho, and Ontario, Oregon. (May 18, 1906, Page 843)

Found Under "The Collected Works of Sir Humphry Davy"

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