History of Idaho, Volume 3, by Hiram T. French, M.S.
The Lewis Publishing Co., Chicago and New York 1914, Page 908-909

Daniel P. Donovan. The early life of Daniel P. Donovan was passed in farm life, that being the occupation of his father, and when he quitted home he entered into that line of industry on his own responsibility. It is only since 1909 that he became identified with the real estate business, which he has found so profitable in Payette, Oregon, and in addition he is interested in fruit raising, operating several hundred acres of the finest orchard lands in Oregon.

Born in Pottawattamie county, Iowa, on March 10, 1877, Daniel P. Donovan is the son of Timothy and Julia (Callahan) Donovan, both natives of Ireland. The father was a young man when he came to America in 1856, and settled first in Iowa, where he engaged in farming pursuits. In the later sixties he removed to Idaho, locating in the Boise Valley, or Basin, and there followed mining for two years, after which he returned to Iowa. He thereafter gave his entire attention to agriculture, and in recent years retired from active business life, although he still makes his home on the old home farm which he settled in 1856. The wife and mother came to America in 1862 with her parents. They first settled in New York City, later moving to Iowa. Twelve children were born of the union of Timothy and Julia Donovan, Daniel P., of this review, being the sixth in order of birth.

Daniel P. Donovan was educated in the schools of Pottawattamie county, Iowa, and his schooling was varied with the work of the home farm. In 1897 he left home and began farming in the vicinity of his birth, continuing thus until 1909. In that year he came to Payette, Idaho, here engaging in real estate operations and in fruit raising. He has expanded his interests rapidly until today he is operating several hundred acres of the finest orchard land in the state, lying close to Payette. He has been active in real estate matters, and has been instrumental in locating many desirable home seekers on the fine lands of this district, more than two hundred families having settled here through his activities. He has in that way materially advanced the growth of the region roundabout Payette, and in other ways had demonstrated his capacity and character as a citizen of the highest order. He is president of the Boise Water & Land Company, of Boise, Idaho, as well as being a stockholder in the Fruitgrowers Bank and a member of its directorate. He is deeply interested in some of the big irrigation projects of the state and is largely interested in the development of water power in Idaho.

Mr. Donovan is a stanch Republican, but has neither sought nor filled public office at any time in his business career. He is a member of the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks, and a member of the Payette Commercial Club, to which all good citizens of the town belong.

On October 10, 1900, Mr. Donovan was united in marriage with Miss Nettie Barnes, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. Barnes, natives of Iowa. She was born in Oskaloosa, Iowa, and there reared. Two daughters have been born to Mr. and Mrs. Donovan, Irene, born July 7, 1902, and Gladys, born March 6, 1904, both at Logan, Iowa. The Donovan residence is located at No. 1227 First avenue, South.

As a successful man, Mr. Donovan is eminently deserving of credit for his worthy achievements, and of a place in the pages of this work, dealing with the biographical and historical aspects of the state. Mr. Donovan left home as a youth under most untoward circumstances, unaided by the benefits of material wealth of an education beyond the merest rudiments of learning. He has again demonstrated, as so many men have done before him, that success is not a matter of opportunities presented, but rather of opportunities recognized and laid hold upon, and this quality of discernment, coupled with his splendid energies and his many worthy traits of character have been sufficient to place him in his present agreeable circumstances.

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