History of Idaho, Gem of the Mountains, Volume 3, by James H. Hawley
S. J. Clarke Publishing Co, 1920, Page 275

One would not go far amiss in his search of information concerning horticultural possibilities in Idaho to seek that information for H. B. Strawn, who is one of the most progressive and successful fruit raisers of Payette county, having large and well developed orchards which receive the most scientific care and which produce splendid crops. Mr. Strawn is a native of Ohio. He was born September 28, 1877, a son of J. I. and Alice (Wallack) Strawn, who were also natives of the Buckeye state. William Strawn, the paternal grandfather of H.B. Strawn was one of the honored pioneer residents of Ohio and passed away within three miles of his birthplace at the advanced age of seventy-seven years. In 1881 Mr. and Mrs. J. I. Strawn removed with their family to Iowa, settling in Clarke county, where the father purchased a farm of two hundred and twenty acres, devoting his remaining days to its cultivation. He passed away upon the homestead there in 1905 and the mother is still living in that state.

H. B. Strawn remained a resident of Iowa until 1909, when he came to Idaho and located on his present farm of sixty acres in the Fruitland district of Payette county. The land had been cultivated for only one year. He built his residence, barns and outbuildings for the shelter of grain and stock, continuing the work of improvement as it was needed and planting his orchards. His fruit crop in 1919 netted him ten thousand dollars. He is one of the few horticulturists who always has a market arranged for in advance in the east. Mr. Strawn has a regular buyer in Kansas and knows that there will always be a sale for his products. He has twenty-three acres planted to prunes and apples. He also cultivates a rented orchard of eight acres. In the midst of his place is a fine home and Mr. Strawn says that his property is not for sale. In fact he believes so thoroughly in Idaho property as a good investment that he has no desire to dispose of his land, which is yielding to him a very substantial income as the reward of the care and labor which he bestows upon it.

In 1898 Mr. Strawn was united in marriage to Miss Nettie Slinker, a native of Iowa and a daughter of Levi and Maggie (Houlet) Slinker. To Mr. and Mrs. Strawn have been born eight children, as follows: Clarence R., a young man of nineteen years; A. Lucile; Lester H., a youth of fourteen; Hazel R.; Chester G., who is ten years of age; H. Keith, aged seven; Mary Alice; and Ross, who is but a year old. The family occupies a prominent social position, just as Mr. Strawn stands in an enviable place in business circles.

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