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New Plymouth High School
New Plymouth, Idaho

VOL. V No. l
January 10, 1947

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Editor ................ Margie Penrod
Assistant Editor .... Joyce Gaston
Features ............ Annette Gaston
Sports .................... Bill Carpenter, Jimmie Gilmore
News ...................... Ruth Fishback, Helen Capps, Laura Donner, Marie Haines

Class Reporters
Senior ........................ Eula Wisner
Junior ................ Virginia Clowser
Sophomore ............ Vera Sattgast
Freshman ........ Alene McDaniels

Business Mgr..... Clara B. Harris
Advertising ............ John Green, Charlene Chandler
Circulation .. Mary Louise Baker, Shirley Harwell
Advisors ........ Miss Kostenbader, Mr. Price

With the coming of the new year most of us start reviewing the old one just past. Too many times, I'm afraid, we recall the New Year's Resolutions, which we generally always manage to break at some time or other. Many people believe that New Year's Resolutions were made to be broken. Perhaps that is true, but think what a nice world this would be if we all resolved to keep our New Year's Resolutions (the right kind, of course). Some people never make New Year's Resolutions, since they say they don't need them. Think what an even nicer world it would be if we could all be like that, because then we could hardly be far from perfect. However, whether New Year's Resolutions are made or thrown a-side let's remember that we have a brand new year in which to start out and let's start it off right by making it a HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Don't get any ideas about a certain redhaired athletic Senior with green eyes and black eyebrows because he's already spoken for. He's smart too (in some ways) because the little blond who has him decidedly on the string is yell leader and has to attend every game. By now you know this couldn't be anyone but James Jr. Gilmore ........ to you
Jimmie or still better ........ Red.

Jimmie was born May 24, 1930 in Nebraska (He can't remember the town!) He's very modest a-bout himself and this interview is mostly about already known facts. He does admit though that his ambition is just to loaf a-round and eat. It doesn't matter what it is just so it's food.

Jimmie dearly loves Chemistry (! !) and anything that goes in with it. He's crazy about Alan Ladd and just try to keep him away from an Ingrid Bergman picture.

This 165 pound, 5 foot, 11 inch Senior is very active in sports. He has been all four years of his high school. He is football quarter-back, guard in basket-ball and pitches out on the diamond. All activities of the Student Council are some of Jim's ideas for he's a member of the council. I'll end this biography by telling you Jimmy likes to stay up late (much to the coach's dislike) and by the looks of the bags under Elva's eyes, he doesn't stay up alone.

Annette Gaston, now a brown-eyed gal of seventeen was born August 29, 1929 in Crestline, Kansas. Annette is five feet, six and one-half inches tall and weighs one hundred and twenty five pounds. She has brown eyes and hair and an olive complexion.

Her hobby is collecting records which corresponds very nicely with her love of dancing. Annette is a very good pianist and wishes to some day play in an orchestra as a side-line.

During her school career Annette has taken a very active part in school activities. She has been a member of the band, glee club accompanist, alto in the Senior Sextette, and Buzz Saw Editor in her Junior year.

Annette has planned a little for the future as she has already placed her application at the Boise Junior College where she will major in music.

She says she dislikes two-faced people, teachers, and bland men while she likes Lizabeth Scott, Rhapsody in Blue, Frankie Carle, and Basques.

Speaking of Basques, Annette's heart interest lives in the neighboring town of Emmett. He is a Basque and his name is Henricus Ernesto Arrizabalago.

This Senior is bound to go places and you will probably hear more about her in the future.

This handsome hunk of man was born at Cedar Point, Kansas, Dec. 27, 1926. He is blessed with blue-green eyes, black, wavy hair and a physique to knock your eyes out!

Gary Wilson has gone to several different schools Caldwell, Payette and Fruitland, coming to N. P. H. S. as a Sophomore. He served about 2 years in Uncle Sam's Navy and intends to graduate at the end of this semester.

Here are few of his favorites:

Song: "I Love You For Sentimental Reasons."
Show: "Big Sleep."
Food: Apple Pie.
Actor: Cary Grant.
Actress: Joan Leslie.
Sport: Football.
Book: None.
Flower: Rose.
Color: Blue.
Subject: Advance Math.
Pet Peeve: Hills.
Pet Like: Angel food cake.
Ambition: Professional Bum.

Gary especially likes our faculty ????? and plans on going to college after he graduates. He is vice-president of Senior Class, a whiz at all sports and is well liked by everyone. His lead in the Senior play displayed his well-liked personality to a T.!!

One usually sees this brown-eyed, brown-haired, 5 foot, 4-inch girl very earnestly studying Chemistry, which I believe is her favorite subject. All 118 pounds of her is crazy about angel food cake, Bing Crosby, Greer Garson, basket ball roses and dancing. By now, you've probably guessed this is Faye Gardner. Faye was born August 25, 1929, to Mr. and Mrs. F. R. Gardner at Riverside, Idaho but didn't come to New Plymouth until her 7th grade year. She has no idea as to ambition, right now she's too absorbed in the interests of her Qenior year, with a few except-tions such as Eng. IV and Mr. Price as her pet peeves. Faye likes Douglas as an author, especially his book, "The Green Light". "The Old Lamplighter" is her favorite song, and she loved the show "Going My Way." Faye's night life is well taken care of by a certain graduate of '44 (his picture is hanging in the hall) and maybe that's her ambition, who knows?

Paul was born in Spaulding, Nebraska, Feb. 26, 1930. He came to New Plymouth while in the first grade and he remembers crying after every recess was over!! He was just as witty then as now and caused the teachers just as much misery. He has blue eyes, blonde hair (cut as short as possible!), weighs about 180 and is almost 6 feet tall.

Here are some of his favorites:

Song: "Bringing in the Sheaves".
Show: "The Outlaw."
Food: Ham (m) and eggs.
Actor: Gary Cooper.
Actress: Haven't any.
Sport: Poker.
Book: Forever Amber.
Flower: Four Roses.
Color: Red.
Subject: Chemistry under Gerlach.
Pet Peeve: Chemistry under Gerlach.
Ambition: To get this over with.
Paul is president of the Senior class this year but he insists he doesn't know what he is going to do after graduation, "because that's too far away!!"

Darrell Barker Jan. 30.
Charles Darrall Jan 9.
Patricia Graves Jan. 1.
Lois Hill Jan. 13
Harold Roudebaugh Jan. 1.
Jack Davis Jan. 16.
Patricia Caffey Jan. 6.
Virginia Clawser Jan. 30.
John Murata Jan. 8.
Charlene Chandler Jan. 2.
John Penrod Jan. 2.
Duane Sasser Jan. 20.
Mr. Thompson Jan. 29.

Saturday, January 4, 1947 the Seniors went to Snooks in Payette to get their pictures taken.

I wonder if other people have wondered what goes on in other class-rooms, the same as I? This is just a brief sketch of the early (?) morning Biology class. (By the way, this was written by one of the sleepy students, so please leave allowances!)

Time: 1/2000 second until 9:00 a. m.
Place: Room 1.
Subject: Biology.
Teacher: Walter Gerlach
Characters (and how!): All Sophomores, but two Juniors and one Senior.

Everyone waits until about 1/2000 second 'til 9:00 A. M. and then all rush for Room 1, while Mary Carpenter and Joyce Gaston stand with one foot in the class room and one foot in the hall "Because," they said, "we don't want to make people think we like Biology or anything like that."

When Mr. Gerlach finally gets Jack M. and Paul C. untangled from their "boxing match" on the work table, he usually asks some member of the class to read the Bible. This time he happened to call on Michael Z. who after complaining of a cold and hard words, finally mumbles some undistinguislhable words.

Of course, after this everyone is ready to study hard!! Joyce S. is already busy writing notes to Pat C. and Clara H. about Emmett Woody and the "night before", I see.

Vera S. is busy telling LaVerne B. about some unimportant little thing. She takes time out every once in awhile to listen to her NEW watch.

There's nothing to write about Lucille as she is never doing anything, in fact, she's never at school. But I'd stay home, too if I gave daylight kisses so everyone could see.

"Kilroy" Jennings is probably telling about his big spree Saturday night as I notice he's talking fast and furious. Thomas M. looks around to see who he can torment next while he lends an ear to Kilroy's gab! (Beating his gums, that is!) Verna S. has quite a time with Richard R. Especially in a test, eh, Verna. She can't decide who's paper to look on, Richard's or Don S.

Prof. Bartz and assistants, Weed and Cole, are usually up to some mischief when "teachers back is turned," but when the year's over they should know more about Biology than anyone else, as they get to do all the experiments. Ernest T. isn't any angel ,either for he always has some answer such as "What was that" or "Will you please repeat that question?" He said it sounds better than "I don't know!" Ora B. isn't here either, tho' I doubt if she could sit down if she was. You should know better than drive so fast, Jack D.

Alberta D. always has some brilliant (?) answer to the questions Mr. Gerlach asks and most usually they turn out to be right.

It's about time for the bell, so everyone is wide awake from this early morning gossip period and feels like answering some of Mr. Gerlach's questions only to find the period almost gone. "Oh! well, it can't be helped," is the usual sleepy answer. "I'll read the lesson and recite some more on it."

(To Mr. Gerlach: This is mostly true, but if you don't know a-bout it, don't try and find out!)

A Soph

The Junior class surprised everyone last Friday, January 3rd, by giving their assembly under the able direction of Mr. Hills, the advisor. The program got off to a good start with a brilliant statement by Carroll Flack, master of ceremonies. Pat Caffey read some of the N. P. H. S. students' New Year's Resolutions. (I might add that I know of at least 15 that have already been broken.) That "Harry James" (?) of New Plymouth, Mr. Price played a trumpet solo, "Beautiful Dreamer" accompanied by Don H. on the piano. Nadine D. gave an interesting reading a-bout "George" and Gean R. entertained further with two piano solos. To end it all Gene T. gave a wonderful piano solo (?). (We wonder what happened to you, Gene! Anyhow that dischord was "awful purty"!!)

After a close first half, the Pilgrims gained steadily and defeated the Fruitland Grizzlies last Friday 40-24.

The game was not especially interesting to watch but an inferior Fruitland squad put up a spirited fight that caused the Pilgrims some concern. Darnall, at forward, was "fed" by team mates and racked up 10 field goals.

In the preliminary game the Jv. squad easily outscored their opponents 32-13.

Tuesday night the New Plymouth squads met a double defeat at Ontario. A "red-hot" Tiger squad poured the ball through the hoop with piston-like regularity and by half time had built up a 31-10 lead. After the half time intermission the Pilgrims switched to a man-to-man defense and were more successful in checking the Ontario scorers. The Pilgrim offense was off-form and it fell chiefly to the lot of the second string to carry the fight to the opponents.

The Ontario Tigers, led by Echanis, outscored the local squad in a fast, well-played game. The Pilgrims took an early 8-point lead; but at the half the Tigers were ahead 20-17. The second half was an even match with Ontario scoring 2 points more than the Pilgrims. The final score was 41-36 in favor of Ontario. The shooting was led by Echanis of Ontario, who dropped in a total of 20 points; Jimmie Gilmore of New Plymouth, successfully scored 14 points.

A strong Soph-Frosh squad from Ontario completely outclassed the young Pilgrims and rang up a 41-19 victory.

1. It seems I never get to bed
If I'm out at night with

2. I'm dark and medium and
love to dance,
So I could be none other
than little .............

3. Of this girl I'm very fond -
Her name is Joyce and she's
a blond.

4. The more the better just so
they're men
I'll go with Harvey, then
them again.

5. My perfect mate -
Would be Jay Nate.

6. I think I never will -
Get fed up with my Bill.

7. Though there be Tom or
Lloyd -
The one for me is always

8. Be him a wolf or bear,
I'll always go with Clair.

9. I never have a fight,
'Cause it's a different one
every night.

10. Someday soon we'll hook
Hank and Bob,
That is if they ever get a job.

11. Doesn't matter if I do blow
my top,
'Cause my in-law is the town

12. I must be very good,
Now that I've landed Oliver

13. I'm very seldom seen -
Around without Darlene.

14. I don't care if he's a Brook-
lyn Dodger,
He can't compare with my
handsome Roger.

15. He's dark and his hair isn't
He's tall and nice and his
name is Fred.

16. We're too young to earn a
So we're wearing an Adrian

17. Keep the wolves in the den,
All I care about is Ben.

18. Even McCallister, and I
mean Lon,
Can't compare with Carpenter -

19. I'd even break my back,
Just to get a date with Jack.

20. And I'd rather break a tooth.
Than break a date with Ruth.

21. My last dates have been,
All spent with he-man Glenn.

22. Her name might be Sarah
or it could be Pearl,
All I know, she's from Nyssa
and Oh! What a girl!

1. Elva W.
2. Vance
3. Darryl B.
4. Ora B.
5. Nadine D.
6. Barbara B.
7. Verna S.
8. Anna Ruth Pittman
9. Beverly S.
10. Annette and Imogene
11. Lorraine A.
12. Virginia B.
13. Gary W.
14. Charlene
15. Faye G.
16. Beverly and Mildred S.
17. Margie P.
18. Shirley W.
19. Ruth F.
20. Jack P.
21. Helen C.
22. Wayne D.

Most of the kids have just begun to get over their holiday hangovers, maybe that's why there's very little gossip this time. Every one is too full of "holiday cheer" and dead to the world.

N. P. H. S. Virginia B. came back to school waving her left hand about. But then no one was really surprised.

N. P. H. S. Santa Claus was really good to the girls. In fact the whole school looks like a jewelry shop. Just think of all the hard earned money invested.

N. P. H. S. Beverly and Ora are a little bit shaken up after Saturday night's thrilling (?) ordeal. Seems Jack Davis was the only one who came out minus injuries.

N. P. H. S. Vera S. has been flashing a-bout a watch from Dean Morell. Good enough! But look at Imogene's too, before you start making exclamations.

N. P. H. S. Helen Capps now has Junior's I. D. bracelet. I'm betting this one will last a little longer than the others. Aren't you? What with them dating every night.

N. P. H. S. The Seniors strutted around last Saturday all dressed up like they owned the world. Bill Snook says his camera is still in good condition so apparently no one cracked it.

N. P. H. S. Wayne Dillon says getting up before the crack-of-dawn every Sunday morning has its advantages. But why not when the end of his paper route means seeing a certain little (?) Nyssa girl.

N. P. H. S. Lorraine A. has been seen around very much lately with Don Brumet. Whether she's going only to protect her "family's" interests or if it's the "real thing" remains yet to be seen.

N. P. H. S. I'm convinced at last that chivalry isn't dead. But then maybe Jimmy is one of those men who glory in playing hero. Anyway Elva's numerous falls on the ice were rewarded by the concern of her rescuer.

N. P. H. S. Floyd and Verna's brief split-up must have been just for variety. One again sees them every minute of the day, as always together.

N. P. H. S. Following the holidays, Leona Lake turns up with a new beau. I think his first name is Jimmy and he's from Oregon.

N. P. H. S. Mildred Smith undoubtedly had a date with some one from Adrian from the looks of the sweater she was wearing the next day!

N. P. H. S. Shirley Pope has been doin' the town with Bob Ware. I've been wondering why she stops every day just over the trophy case and gazes at the wall (or so I thought until now!)

A new school bus ordered in October, 1945 is expected to arrive sometime this month, although several previous dates were set, Supt. William Riddlebarger announced. It had been promised for December, 1945, but was not delivered because of shortages. Transportation facilities for the schools are inadequate and will be relieved with the new bus.

Drake Drug Co.
Sav-Mor Drug
Phone 1

Vaha Dress Shop
Styles For Young Ladies

Glenn's Shoe Repair Shop

Wherry Hardware

New Plymouth Groceteria
R. J. Sullivan, Owner

Hatfield Feed and Fuel
RES. 83

Eat At The
Dinner Bell Cafe
And You Won't Miss the School Bell
Short Orders

New Plymouth Mercantile Co.
PHONES 40 and 41

Herb's Ice Cream Parlor
"Where the Young People Gather"
Short Orders

You'll Look Neat After A Visit To
Bill's Barber Shop

Jensen's Cafe
"It's a Good Place to Eat"

Idaho Power Company
"A Citizen Wherever It Serves"

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