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Special Thanks To Connie Scott for this transciption
Cheryl Hanson for going to all the trouble to take and send these beautiful photos and
Cheryl and her family for taking a special trip to Boise to collect the obituaries and
Patty Theurer for an updated transcription with unknown graves and lot numbers
from the original sexton's records

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The Stuart Cemetery, also known as The Falk Cemetery, is located in Payette County, Idaho about 6.5 miles south of New Plymouth on SE 3rd Avenue. If you take Hwy 52 going East toward Emmett, make a right turn on Elgin Road and then go about 3/4 of a mile and make a sharp right, the cemetery sits atop a small hill in the middle of cow and farm country.

Anderson Ella 24 May 1871 04 June 1871     report problem
Anderson James Mathew 22 September 1877 24 January 1880     report problem
Anderson Rebecca Elizabeth "Lizzie" 01 December 1858 Linn Co. Mo. 28 April 1884 Wife of A. B. Anderson "Now that lifes fitful fever is ov'e she sleeps well"   report problem
Anderson Sarah 14 December 1865 30 December 1865     report problem
Anson Hella 12 February 1838 28 February 1873 In Memory of Hella Anson   report problem
Asmussen August H.   26 December 1899
41 years 4 months
Upright and just he was in all his ways A bright example in degenerate days OBITUARY report problem
Asmussen Margarethe Farwell   29 March 1891
Age 27 years 16 days
Beloved Wife of August Asmussen
On that bright immortal shore
We shall meet to part no more
  report problem
Asmussen Max August   23 September 1893
Age 1 year 8 months 15 days
Son of Henry and Maria Asmussen
A little bud of love to bloom with God above
  report problem
Bailey G. W. 20 October 1921 04 November 1921     report problem
Bigham Albert   16 October 1889 1 year 10 months 23 days, Son of J.M. and E. Bigham   report problem
Bishop Helen R. C. 08 August 1894 01 March 1896 Sweet Babe
Infant Daughter of E. and S. J. Bishop
  report problem
Bishop John 06 August 1821 15 June 1894 Upright and just he was in all his ways
Bright example in degenerate days
OBITUARY report problem
Bishop Sarah E. 08 March 1829 10 March 1895 Wife of John Bishop
Faithful to trust even unto death.
OBITUARY report problem
Burns Ann 11 April 1831 30 December 1916 Mother   report problem
Burt Infant Son   19 November 1908 Infant son of C. L. and S. M. Burt   report problem
Constable Lizzie 1852 1918     report problem
Duggan Anna Guffey 1886 30 December 1959 Daughter of Thomas H. and Serena E. Guffey   report problem
Fouts J. E.   23 March 1891
Aged 52 years
Gone to Rest   report problem
Guffey Serena E. 1848 1906     report problem
Guffey Thomas Henry 07 Jan 1838 05 Mar 1928   OBITUARY report problem
Head Amanda N. 27 October 1843 29 October 1897 Mother   report problem
Head Sallie M. 01 February 1871 10 October 1906 Wife of J.E. Head OBITUARY report problem
Nesbitt Oscar   20 August 1888
Age 4 months 3 days
Gone So Soon   report problem
Parrott Harlen 17 November 1895 06 July 1899 Son of S. and L. Parrot
Tho lost to sight, to memory clear
  report problem
Parrott Caroline Randall 1844 15 Aug 1876   OBITUARY No Marker
Parrote Female         report problem
Parrote Female         report problem
Patton James 04 June 1838 27 November 1916   OBITUARY report problem
Pence John 11 October 1843 03 February 1874 In Memory of John Pence
Lost to sight, but memory never
C. Pence
  report problem
Rasmussen Andrew 03 Jan 1849 28 Jun 1927   OBITUARY report problem
Rasmussen Boy         report problem
Rasmussen Boy         report problem
Rasmussen Girl         report problem
Rasmussen Stena 1866 1920   OBITUARY report problem
Richardson Almira   16 May 1883
2 years 9 months 16 days
Daughter of M. G. and S. Richardson   report problem
Stuart Infant Daughter 26 December 1879 26 January 1880 Infant Daughter   report problem
Stuart John E. 1887? 1887?     No Marker
Stuart John G.   16 April 1887
28 years 6 months 8 days
    report problem
Stuart Maggie G.   8 March 1895
22 years 8 months 3 days
    report problem
Stuart Sarah Ellen 21 November 1839 26 January 1901 In Memory of Sarah Ellen Stuart OBITUARY report problem
Stuart Scott 1862 1931 In Memory of Scott Stuart   report problem
Stuart William 10 August 1831 18 October 1895 In Memory of Our Father and Mother OBITUARY report problem
Stuart William E. 29 Dec 1868 09 Jan 1941   OBITUARY report problem
Unknown Baby         No Marker
Unknown Infant Daughter 1880? 1880?     No Marker
Unknown J. W. P.         No Marker
Unknown Negro Man   1880 Buried 200 feet from other grave   No Marker
There are 13 markers that say unknown. Some of the markers have either been destroyed by vandals or by the elements.
Location of some of the graves are forever gone.

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