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Special Thanks to Cheryl Hanson for preserving the images of the remaining gravestones with these beautiful photos
Patty Theurer for her research on this cemetery and Connie Scott for her original submission

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The Washoe Cemetery is located 1.7 miles SW of Payette on Washoe Road

Abernathy Clara   04 June 1893 Husband G. Abernathy OBITUARY No Marker
Abernathy Maudie E.   05 June 1893
1 year 2 months 15 days
Father G. Abernathy
Mother C.Abernathy
Ballenger Hattie C. 1888 1890   OBITUARY report problem
Bond Troy         No Marker
Clark Maria J. 29 December 1809 21 May 1891 In Memory of Our Mother Maria J. Clark   report problem
Clement Lucy 02 July 1844 21 February 1884 Husband J. T. Clement
Monument moved to Evergreen Cemetery in Ontario, Oregon
As a wife, Devoted; As a mother, affectionate; As a friend, ever kind and true. Lord, she was thine, not mine alone, Thou hast not done me wrong; I thank thee for the precious tour, afforded me so long.
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Clement Theophilus 07 December 1806 12 April 1884 Kind friends beware you as pass by. As you are now, so once was I. As I am now, so you must be. Prepare, therefore, to follow me.
This simple tablet marks a, fathers hier; And those he loved in life, In death are near.
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Cliffy Willieara   2 years 10 months     No Marker
Cole Henry   15 May 1891
Age 58 years
    No Marker
Gorrie Ray 18 January 1888 22 March 1892 Son of David Gorrie and S.P. OBITUARY No Marker
Johnson Carl H. 10 March 1893 06 August 1893 Son of P.A. Johnson and A.C. OBITUARY No Marker
Kent Alice 1891 26 September 1892 Father, H. Mother, L. A., Aged 1 year, 7 months, 28 days OBITUARY report problem
Kinsey Daniel 22 August 1822 27 March 1893 Gone but not forgotten   report problem
Perkins J. M.     Captain Co G. 34 Illinois Infantry
Gravestone moved to Riverside Cemetery
in Payette, Idaho
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Pomeroy Annie E. 15 April 1862 01 May 1886 Wife of Harlan P. Pomeroy OBITUARY report problem
Randall Martha Jane   18 October 1891
4 years 6 months 8 days
Daughter of Josiah and Kate Randall OBITUARY report problem
Ratcliff Willie A.   2 years 10 months     No Marker
Redington William E. 1853 19 Feb 1894   OBITUARY report problem
Snyder William   12 May 1887   OBITUARY No Marker
Tharp Fannie A.   26 February 1892
36 years 28 days
Wife of John P. Tharp OBITUARY report problem
Tharp George A.   15 January 1884
6 years 1 months 9 days
    No Marker
Tharp Perry H.   05 January 1881
9 months 25 days
Father John
Mother Fanny A.
  No Marker
Tharp Infant Son   01 February 1875
11 days
Father John P
Mother Fanny A.
  No Marker

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