1912-1913 Business Directory

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Idaho State Gazetteer and Business Directory 1912-1913
Issued Biennially by R.L. Polk & Co.
Volume VI

Population 250.  Canyon County.  A village on the Payette Valley Ry, 35 miles nw of Caldwell, the county seat.  Has Baptist, Methodist, and German Brethren churches, and a bank.  A weekly newspaper, the Fruitland Tidings, is published.  Eugene Stegner, Post Master.
Carnefix, L. B.Restaurant
Dunn, RichdR R, Exp and Tel Agt.
Fruitland Drug Company 
Fruitland Lumber Yard 
Fruitland State BankCapital $10,000
S. H. Sargent, President
J. O. Stritchfield, Cashier
Fruitland TidingsPlughoff & Bliss, Publishers
Johnson & SonGeneral Store
Smith, G.Livery
Miller, C. S.Blacksmith
Owens, L. D.General Store
Plughoff & Bliss
(Wm Plughoff & Ora Bliss)
Publishers, Fruitland Tidings
Robinson, H. E.General Store
Shank, H.Barber
Stegner, Eugene A.Postmaster and General Store
Tyson, W. C.Pool Hall
Wright, C.Physician
New Plymouth
Population 200.  Canyon County.  A village on the Payette river, and the Payette Valley R. R., 28 miles north of Caldwell, the county seat.  Has Catholic and Congregational churches, a bank, and 3 hotels.  A weekly newspaper, The Sentinel is published.  Exp. Am.
Ackerman, B. F.Furniture
Ackerman & HarriganGeneral Store
Anderson, Wm B.Conf.
Blayden, GeoLivery
Bonner, W. J.Hotel
Chadwick, T.Hotel
Chasteen, Jas F.Harnessmaker
Cox, Edw E.Justice of the Peace and Barber
Creasey, James F.General Merchandise
Day, E. P.Real Estate
Day, E. W. M.Real Estate
Drysdale, W. T.Physician
Eastman, BernardGrows and Sells Strickly Commercial Orchard Easiest Terms
Farmers State BankCapital $10,000
Henry Harrigan, President
C. S. French, Cashier
French, J. D.Photographer
Gray, Mrs J. H.Milliner
Hinchliff, S. H.Cold Storage
Hinchliff, W. S.Cheese Manufacturer
LaCone, J. F.Meats
McCollough, E. W.Livery
Martin, Wm V.Publisher New Plymouth Sentinel (See Adv.)
New Plymouth Fruit Growers UnionP. M. Smock, President
Wm Thomson, Treasurer
New Plymouth SentinelWm V. Martin, Publisher
Official Paper of New Plymouth and Caldwell County (See Adv.)
Nichols, C.Hotel
Nichols, Raymond H.Blacksmith
Orell, LouisBarber
Phetteplace, Mrs M.Hotel
Smock, P. MonroeLawyer and Fruit Grower
Snyder, E. E. & Sons
(Edward E., Albert I., and Edwin E.)
General Store
Southgate, Thos A.Restaurant
Stevens, Frank S.General Store
Swatman, B. F.Drugs
Wachter Lumber Company (Ltd)Louis Wachter, Manager
White Hardware CompanyRoy S. White, Proprietor
Young, BenBilliards
Population (estimate), 4,000.     Canyon County.     An incorporated city, on the O.S.L. (Oregon Short Line) and P.V.R.R.,     first settled in 1874, and incorporated in 1890,     37 miles northwest of Caldwell, the county seat, and 68 miles northwest of Boise.     Has 2 banks, 3 hotels, a creamery, an electric light plant,     Methodist, Presbyterian, Baptist, Episcopal, Christian, Adventist, Swedish and German Lutheran, Dunkard and Catholic churches, and a commercial club.     Two weekly newspapers, The Independent and Payette Enterprise, are published     It is the center of a rich fruit producing country, well irrigated by an inexhaustable stream, the Payette river, which produces abundant crops.     Exp, Am. Tel, W.U.     Mail daily Burt Venable, Post Master
Ackerman, Wm P.Real Estate
Anderson, EdithMilliner
Anderson-Equals Company
(Chas C. Anderson & Walter Equals)
Dry Goods
Arnould Automobile Company (Ltd.)Herman H. Precht, President and Treasurer
Felix Arnould, Secretary and General Manager (See Adv.)
Avery, Oliver H.Physician
Banks, Jno R.Livery
Barton, Clark A.Physician
Bowen & Riebling
(Adna H. Bowen & Magnus F. Riebling)
Bowman & Sons
(Ezra T., Chilton A., Logan N.)
Real Estate
Brainard, Edw C. S. 
Brown, Tulluis J.Editor Payette Enterprise
Brubaker & Fulton
(Emet H. Brubaker & Chas S. Fulton)
Burns, Jabez B.Dentist
Button, Chas A.Architect
Callen, Curtis F.Real Estate
Canyon Commercial CompanyJonathan E. Roberts, President and Manager
General Store
Case, David C.Real Estate
Catron, Howard B.Osteopath
Chaney, Edw A.Plumber
Charley, FongRestaurant
Commercial Cream CompanyJ. R. Brown, Manager
Commercial HotelReilly & Farber, Proprietors
Compton, Chas B.Drugs
Compton, Mrs Frank B.Milliner
Continental Oil CompanyScott M. Fitch, Agent
Coulter Brothers
(Elsworth, Alva, Sheridan and Sherman)
Coulter, ShermanRestaurant
Crouch, J. ElmerPhysician
Currin, Robert Y.Livery
Davis, Wm H.Real Estate
Denham & Lawrence
(Henry H. Denham & Chas W. Lawrence)
Real Estate
Denny & CompanyFrank H. Hogue, Manager
Fruit Packers
Diederichsen, AntonNursery
Downs, Minnie B.Harness
Elite Opera HouseJ. A. Lauer & Bro, Managers
Emma TheatreClifton L. Dagg, Manager
Farmers' Co-operative Coal & Supply CompanyStephen Clanton, Manager
Farmers' Co-operative Irrigation CompanyR. E. Haynes, Secretary
Fifer, DelbertConf.
First National BankCapital $80,000
A. B. Moss, President
M. F. Albert, Cashier
Fitch, Bert R.Real Estate
Foster, Frank W.Barber
Fruitland Townsite CompanyAnthony Zeller, President
E. C. S. Brainard, Secretary
M. F. Albert, Treasurer
Geisler Brothers
(Carl W. and Jno C.)
Gilson HouseEmmet T. Golden, Proprietor
Gorham Mercantile Company
(Adelbert L. and Sylvester A. Gorham, Alb Mohler)
General Store
Grimes, Chana O.Jeweler
Gupton, Bessie B.Real Estate
Hamley, David D.Real Estate
Harader, Jno A.Real Estate
Harvey, Herbert L.Chiropractor
Haynes, Robt E.Lawyer
Hedrick, Jno W.Dye Works
Higinbothom, Wm R.Bottler
Hollenback, BertJeweler
Hotel PayetteF. W. Von Falkenstein, Proprietor
Hurd, F. S.Ice
Idaho Canning CompanyPeter Pence, President
L V Patch, Secretary
Idaho Dye WorksMerritt & Bliss, Proprietors
Cleaning, Pressing and Dyeing
Idaho-Oregon Light & Power CompanyJ. Fergus Orr, Manager
Imes, Ellsworth S.Cigars
Independent Printing CompanyD. W. Ainey, President
H. L. Settle, Secretary and Treasurer
Publishes Payette Independent
Inman, ClarkTeas and Coffee
Jacobsen, Arno M.Dentist
Jensen & Muzzy
(Hans C. Jensen & Chester J. Muzzy)
Johnson, Elbert A.Real Estate, Loans and Insurance 8th Street (See p. 43)
Johnson, Geo F.Agt O.S.L. Ry
Johnston, Jno O.Tailor
Jones, TomDrug Company
Walter Gooding, President
Thos Jones, Secretary and Manager
Jones, Walter R.Jeweler
Kanouse, Wm H.Cigars
Kastens, Herman W.Baker
Keith, E. C. & Sons
(Elbert C. and Robt M.)
Kenward, Ira W.Lawyer
Lanson, Thos D.Notions
Langhausen, KatherineMilliner
Lauer, J. A. & Bro
(Jas A. and Edw.)
Farm Implements
Levers, StewartFuel
Long Clothing CompanyGeo W. Long, Manager
Lower Payette Ditch CompanyWm A. Coughanour, President
Lyon, Fletcher H.Lawyer
Lyon, Luther M.Lawyer
McDonald & Smith
(Marvin E. McDonald & Chas Smith
Malheur Irrigation CompanyA. B. Moss, President
C. E. Brainard, Secretary
M. F. Albert, Treasurer
Merritt & Bliss
(L. E. Merritt & G. R. Bliss)
Proprietors, Idaho Dye Works
Moore, FredBlacksmith
Moss Mercantile CompanyA. B. Moss, President and Treasurer
Chas H. Bussey, Secretary and Manager
General Store
Moss & Clark
(Edw A. Moss & Will J. Clark)
Mountain States Telephone CompanyB. F. McCarroll, Manager
Nagata, JasRestaurant
New Plymouth Land & Colonization Company (Ltd)Capital Paid Up $100,000
C. E. Brainard, President
E. C. S. Brainard, Secretary
Lands, Townsite and Orchards
Noble Ditch CompanyRobert E. Haynes, Secretary
Northwestern Fruit Exchange 
Payette Cold Storage CompanyCharles F. Muller, President
George F. Straub, Vice President
Cornelius R. Mandeville, Secretary and Treasurer
Cold Storage of Fruits and Ice Manufacturers
Payette Commission CompanyFrank Crowther, Proprietor
Grain and Hay
Payette Driving Club & Fair AssociationSaml Chapman, Secretary
Payette Engineering Company
(Chas P. Lattig & Wm C. Sturdevant)
Civil Engineers
Payette Enterprise, Wells & Brown PublishersTullius J. Brown, Editor
Weekly Newspaper and Job Printing
Payette Fruit Packing Company (Ltd)H. E. Smith, Manager
Growers, Packers and Shippers of Payette Valley Fruits, Apples, Pears, Prunes, Etc.
Distributors of Berries, Cantaloupes adn Watermelons
Evaporated Fruits a Specialty
Payette Hardware & Furniture CompanyE. C. Laughlin, President and Manager
Payette Independent, Independent Printing Company PubsWeekly Newspaper and Job Printing
Payette Land CompanyDanl P. Donovan & Jno E. Stouter
Payette Land & Improvement Company (Ltd)P. H. Brown, Secretary
Real Estate Loans and Insurance
Payette National BankCapital $75,000
O. H. Avey, President
A. P. Scritchfield, Cashier
Payette Protective AssociationJ. A. Harader, Secretary
Payette River Lumber CompanyA. E. Wood, President
Lumber Manufacturers
Payette Saddlery Company
Wm Urenn & M. E. Hulley
Payette Steam LaundryGeo C. Sothman, Propeietor
Payette Timber & Milling CompanyC. E. Brainard, President
C. C. Shay, Secretary and Treasurer
Payette Valley Building & Loan AssociationI. R. Woodward, President
D. C. Chase, Secretary
M. F. Albert, Treasurer
Payette Valley Commercial ClubM. F. Albert, President
J. A. Harader, Secretary
Payette Valley Creamery CompanyPeter Pence, President
D. C. Chase, Secretary
First National Bank, Treasurer
Payette Valley Irrigation CompanyW. H. Platt, President
D. C. Chase, Secretary
M. F. Albert, Treasurer
Payette Valley Melon Growers' AssociationA. E. Wood, Manager
Payette Valley Railroad CompanyC. W. Nibley, President
H. E. Dunn, General Manager
F. S. Murphy, Secretary
A. B. Moss, Treasurer
Payette Valley Rex Spray Company LimitedH. E. Smith, Manager
Manufacturers and Distributors Fruit Sprays and Stock Dips and Spraying Machinery
Payette Valley Vinegar CompanyD. S. Lamb, President
Wm O'Neil, Manager
Payette-Weiser Milling CompanyJ. H. Ricker Jr, President
F. O. Graham Jr, Secretary and Treasurer
Peterson, L. E.Real Estate
Peterson, Peter G.Shoemaker
Phipps & Boyer
(Henry N. Phipps & Thos S. Boyer)
Pool Hall
Pratt-Coblentz LUmber Company (Oscar J. Pratt & Thos D. Coblentz) 
Prestel, Hal H.Vet Surgeon
Prestel, J. W. & Sons
(Jno W., F. Ervin, L. Gordon, Chas A., Jno J., Hal H. Bayard K)
Saw Mill
Reilly & Farber
Wm Reilly & Wm Furber
Proprietors Commercial Hotel
Rezac, GeoDrugs
Roberts, Mrs PriscillaRestaurant
Russell, L. Wood JrDry Goods
Satoris, Francis M.Harness
Sellers, Ollie R.Plumber
Shelton, Dell W.Meats
Sherwood, Wm F.Brick Manufacturer
Shoesmith, Rollia A.Furniture
Sothman, Geo C.Proprietor, Payette Steam Laundry
Spottswood, Wm. L.Notions
Stanton Brothers
(Fred J., Jas W., Wm A.)
Stark, Wm R.Jeweler
Strauss, Arlon V.Dentist
Strother, Wm F.Jeweler
Sur, Jno W.Shoes
Swank, Frend W.Blacksmith
Swanson, Jos M.Auctioneer
Thompson, Edith L.Optometrist
Thurston, Jno S.Drugs
Van Graven, PhilPhotographer
Veal, Henry C.Barber
Venable, BurtPostmaster
Von Falkenstein, F. W.Proprietor, Hotel Payette
Walker, J. P. & Son
(Jas P. and Ronald)
Weider, Mrs J. H.Photographer
Wells & Brown
(Will Wells, Tulluis J. Brown)
Publishers Payette Enterprise
Wells & Maule
(Wm Wells, Wm Maule)
Real Estate
Wilcox Bros & Case
(D. Edw and Roscoe O. Wilcox, Wm D. Case)
Wood, Allen E.Insurance Agent
Wood & Spaulding
(Micajah E. Wood, Lott W. Spaulding)
Woodward, Ira R.Physician
Woodward, Jesse C.Physician
Wright-Wilkie Lumber CompanyJ. A. Bowers, President
A. D. Looney, Secretary
L. C. Schubert, Treasurer
Wright & Swanson
(Alb E. Wright & Jos M. Swanson)
Young Mens Christian AssociationJas W. Morley, General Secretary

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