1916 Business Directory

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R.L. Polk & Co.'s Idaho State Gazetteer and Business Directory 1916
Volume VIII
Issued Biennially by R.L. Polk & Co.

Population 200. Canyon county. A p o on the P.V.R.R. ? miles southeast of Payette. Has Baptist, Methodist and German Bretheran ? churches and a bank. Mrs H. B. ? Post Master.
Boise-Payette Lumber Company 
Fruitland District Fruit Growers Association 
Fruitland State BankCapital $? ,000
D L Ingard, President
Ross Kennedy, Cashier
Gardner, H GDrugs
Gorham Mercantile Company 
Johnson & SonGeneral Store
Luce, F AR R, Exp and Tel Agent
Miller, C SBlacksmith
Newburn, BenjPool
Phillips, M JBarber
Robinson, H EGeneral Store
Stegner, Eugene AGeneral Store
Wright, CPhysician
New Plymouth
Population 385.   Canyon county.   A village on the Payette river and the O. S. L. 12 miles southeast of Payette.   Has Baptist, Catholic and Congregational churches, a bank, 2 hotels, a commercial club, and a cheese factory.   A weekly newspaper the Sentinel is published.   Ships live stock, alfalfa, grain and fruit.   Land is worth $50 to $500 per acre.   Exp Am.   Tel W. U.   H. H. Hamilton Post Master.
Ackerman, Benj FFurniture
Ackerman, Wm PLands
Anderson-Rundstrom & Company
(Chas C Anderson, Edwin C Rundstrom, W B Baker)
Anderson, Wm BConf
Bower, F D & Company
Freeman C and Veda R Bower)
Buckmun, C DMotion Pictures
Chadwick, Mrs LauraProprietor, Palace Hotel
Creasey, Jas LGrocer
Day, Esben PReal Estate
Drysdale, Wm TPhysician
Fairman, FredR R, Exp and Tel Agent
Farmers Co-Operative Irrigation Company, TheA B Eldridge, President
W P Ackerman, Secretary
G W Mason, Treasurer
Farmers State BankCapital $10,000
F W Mason, President
R P Mason, Cashier
French, Theodore DProprietor, New Plymouth Garage (See Adv)
Hamilton, Hugh HShoes
Heap, Arthur RProprietor, Idaho Hotel
Hinchliff, Windfield SCement Worker
Idaho HotelA R Heap, Proprietor
Idaho Oregon Honey Producers AssociationP S Farrell, Secretary, Treasurer and Manager
Beekeepers Supplies
Kelsey, Richard ABarber
Klueson, HermanCement Worker
LaCrone, Jas FMeats
Larkins & StokesMrs Anna M Creasey, Manager
Light, GeoLivery
Mason, Ross PInsurance Agent
May, CarrolBarber
New Plymouth Commercial ClubW B Baker, President
W P Ackerman, Secretary
New Plymouth Exchange StoreClarence F Ransom, Proprietor (See Adv)
New Plymouth GarageTheodore D French, Proprietor
Auto Livery and Supplies (See Adv)
New Plymouth Mercantile Company LtdM M Sullivan, President
Geo Ackerman, Secretary and Treasurer
General Store
New Plymouth Packing ComapanyA R Ingalls, Manager
New Plymouth SentinelClarence W Skinner, Publisher
Nichols, Raymond HBlacksmith
Palace HotelMrs Laura Chadwick, Proprietor
Payette Valley Produce CompanyFred Harper, Manager
Cheese Factory
Pickle & Peterson
(Alb Pickle, Earl Peterson)
Pioneer Improvement CompanyJ W Lynch, President
W P Ackerman, Secretary and Treasurer
Real Estate
Ransom, Clarence FProprietor, New Plymouth Exchange Store (See Adv)
Skinner, Clarence WPublisher, New Plymouth Sentinel
Small, Geo HMeats
Smock, P MonroeLawyer
Snyder, E E & Sons
(Edw E, Alb I, and Ervin E)
General Stores
Sothman, Mrs EdithMrs Nettie Small, Manager
Swatman, Benj FDrugs
Trayer, Elmer EJeweler
Van Petten Lumber CompanyC F Eder, Agent
Wachter, LouisFeed
White, Roy SHardware
Population 3,000.   Canyon county.   A city on the Oregon Short Line first settled in 1874 and incorporated as a city in 1890, 15 miles south of Weiser and 60 miles northwest of Boise.   Has Methodist, Presbyterian, Baptist, Episcopal, Christian, Swedish and German Lutheran, Church of God, Dunkard and Catholic churches, 3 banks, 3 hotels, a library, a commerical club, a canning factory, an evaporating plant, a cold storage plant, a creamery, a vinegar factory, flour and feed mills, a spray factory, a brick plant, 2 nurseries and an electric plant and municipal water works.   Two weekly newspapers the Independent and the Enterprise are published.   It is the center of a rich fruit producing country, well irrigated by an inexhaustible stream, the Payette river.   Ships fruit, wool, grain and seeds.   Land is worth $50 to $2,000 per acre.   Exp Am   Tel W. U.   Ezra T. Bowman Post Master.
Allrad, Henry ALocal Manager, W U Telephone
Anderson-Equals Compnay
(Chas C Anderson, E Walter Equals)
Dry Goods
Asa, JosRestaurant
Avery, Oliver HPhysician
Bain, FredGarage
Banks, Jno RLivery
Barton, Clark APhysician
Boise-Payette Lumber CompanyE W Pease, Agent
Brainard, Edw C SLoans
Brandt & Davis
(Jno L Brandt, Merrill G Davis)
Auto Repairs
Brown, Fred FArt Goods
Brubaker & Fulton
(Emmett H Brubaker, Chas S Fulton)
Burns, Jabez BDentist
Callen, Curtis FReal Estate
Campbell, Wm TBilliards
Canyon Commercial CompanyJonathan E Roberts, President and Manager
General Store
Catron, Howard BOsteopath
Chase, David CReal Estate
Clark, Chas SBlacksmith
Commercial HotelWill Reilly, Proprietor
Compton, Chas BDrugs
Continental Oil CompanyJ R Betzer, Agent
Coughanour, Wm ALoans
Coulter Brothers
(Ellsworth, Alva, Sheridan and Sherman)
Crandall, Wm EBarber
Crauch, J ElmerPhysician
Dando, RichardMeats
Denny Coal CompanyF H Hogue, Manager
Denney & CompanyFrank H Hogue, Manager
Fruit Packers
Diedrichsen, AntonNursery
Dannuck, H BurtTailor
Eddy, Helena MPhotographer
Electric Investment CompanyJ F Orr, Manager
Electric Apparatus
Emma TheatreClifton L Dagg, Manager
Motion Pictures
Farber, W H & Son
(Wm H & Earl R)
Dry Goods
Farmers Co-operative Coal & Supply CompanyStephen Clanton, Manager
Farmers Co-operative Creamery CompanyH Gregory, President
Jacob Nodle, Secretary and Treasurer
J R Brown, Manager
Farmers' Society of EquityI E Jennings, Manager
Purchasing & Marketing Agents
Ficke, H DMeats
First National Bank
(Capital $80,000)
Peter Pence, President
M F Albert, Cashier
Fruit Growers Bank
(Capital $35,000)
T F Adams, President
E H Murphy, Cashier
Fruitland Townsite CompanyAnth Zeller, President
E C S Brainard, Secretary
M F Albert, Treasurer
Genoway, PeterHorse Trainer
Giesler Brothers
(Carl W and Jno C)
Gilson HotelChas H Gilson, Proprietor
Gorham Mercatile Company
(Sylvester and Walter A Gorham and Benj Bohannon)
General Store
Grimm, Homer HNotions
Haynes, Robt ELawyer
Hiatt, E COsteopath
Higinbothom, Wm RBottler
Hollenbeck, BertJeweler
Holmes, E BasilDentist
Holt, Wm SBarber
Hotel PayetteMrs M E Pelley, Proprietor
Hurd, Fred SIce
Hurd, Glenn FExp Agent
Idaho Canning CompanyW A Coughanour, President
L V Patch, Secretary and Manager
Idaho Land & Improvement CompanyVan Strohbehn, President
E C S Brainard, Secretary
M F Albert, Treasurer
Idaho-Oregon Fruit Growers AssociationM J Higley, General Manager
J H Lowell, President
A J Shearer, Secretary and Treasurer
James C Lewis, Auditor
C R Simpson, Traffic Manager
Packers and Shippers of Southern Idaho Fruits, Apples, Pears, Prunes, Etc
Distributers of Berries, Canteloupes, and Watermelons
Idaho Vinegar & Pickle CompanyJ E Harman, President
J C Harman, Secretary
L Harman, Treasurer
Independent Printing CompanyR E Haynes, President
Calvin Keller, Secretary and Treasuer
Publishers, Payette Independent and Job Printers
Jensen, Hans CBlacksmith
Johnson, Geo FAgent, Oregon Short Line
Kaeser, HermanBaker
Kay, Wm WStage Line
Keith, E C & Son
(Elbert C and Robt M)
Keller, CalvinLawyer
Kenward, Ira WLawyer
Kikuta, SamlRestaurant
Kirkendal, Arthur BCementwkr
Landon, Thos DConf
Langhausen, KatherineMilliner
Lathrop & McComsey
(Nova Lathrop, Thos H McComsey)
Lauer, J A & Bro
(J A and Edw)
Lawrence & Keller
(C W Lawrence, Calvin Keller)
Real Estate
Lester & Brown
(Chas H Lester, Stanley Brown)
Levers, StewartFuel
Lion Coal CompanyC W Lawrence, Agent
Laughrey, Wm EBarber
Lower Payette Ditch CompanyWm A Coughanour, President
Lynd, Wm EStenographer
Lyon, Fletcher HCity Attorney
Lyon, Luther MLawyer
McDonald, Jas LPhysician
McDonald & Smith
(Marvin E McDonald, Chas Smith)
Malheur Irrigation CompanyPeter Pence, President
E C S Brainard, Secretary
M F Albert, Treasurer
Maule Coal Company
(Wm and W A Maule)
Mays, E OPainter
Moore & Scott
(Fred Moore, Leslie C Scott)
Moss Mercantile CompanyF M Moss, President
Chas B Hussey, Secretary and Treasurer
General Store
New Plymouth Land & Colonization CompanyJ D Brainard, President
P P Brainard, Secretary
Noble Ditch CompanyD L Imgard, President
H G Gardner, Secretary
Ross Kennedy, Treasurer
Norris & Kummer
(Jno H Norris, Ernest Kummer)
North Payette Air Storage PlantF B Supplee, Treasurer
Patch, L VSecretary and Manager, Idaho Canning Company
Payette Cold Storage CompanyChas F Muller, President
Denney & Company, Managers
Payette Driving Club & Fair AssociationSaml Chapman, Secretary
Payette Engineering Company
(Chas P Lattig, Wm C Sturdevant)
City Engineers
Payette EnterpriseWilliam Wells, Publisher
Payette Evaporating CompanyF H Hogue, Manager
Payette IndependentIndependent Printing Company, Publishers
Weekly Newspaper
Payette Irrigation CompanyW H Platt, President
D C Chase, Secretary
M F Albert, Treasurer
Payette Land & Improvement CompanyP H Brown, Secretary
Real Estate, Loans and Insurance
Payette Milling CompanyM F Albert, President
E C S Brainard, Secretary
Payette Mills, TheM F Albert, President
L V Patch, Secretary and Treasurer
F O Yeats, General Manager (See Right Side Lines)
Payette National Bank
(Capital $75, 000)
O H Avery, President
C E Larson, Cashier
Payette Protective AssociationE C S Brainard, Secretary
Payette Public LibraryMrs C F Muller, Librarian
Payette Saddlery Company
(Wm Urenn, M E Hulley)
Payette Steam LaundryGeo C Sothman, Proprietor
Payette Valley Brick Manufacturing CompanyWm F Sherwood, Manager
Payette Valley Building & Loan AssociationD C Chase, Secretary
Payette Valley Commercial ClubR L Shaw, President
E C S Brainard, Secretary
Payette Valley Land & Orchard CompanyDr H O Avery, President
C E Larson, Secretary
M Falbert, Treasurer
Payette Valley Rex Spray Company LtdA J Shearer, Manager
Payette Water WorksCity Clerk in Charge
Pelley, Mrs M EmilyMilliner
Peterson, Lewis EReal Estate
Peterson, Peter GShoemaker
Phett, Chas ATailor
Prestel, Hal HVet Surgeon
Prindle, MarkCabinetmaker
Rautenkranz, Herman PJeweler
Reilly, WillProprietor, Commercial Hotel
Rezac, GeoDrugs
Riebling, Magnus GLawyer
Roberts, Abraham LCigars
Roberts, Mrs PriscillaRestauranct
Sartoris, Francis MShoes
Seda, FredGarage
Shaw, Roy LLawyer
Sothman, Geo CProprietor, Payette Steam Laundry
Sothman, Mrs Geo CMilliner
Stanton Bros
(Fred J, Jas W and Wm A)
Stokes, MabelMilliner
Strauss, Arlon VDentist
Sturdevant, Wm CCity Engineer
Swank, Jas WBlacksmith
Swanson, Jos MAuctioneer
Thompson, Edith NOptician
Thurston, Jno SDrugs
Van Petten Lumber CoA T Clink, sales agent
Walker, J RonaldArchitect
Watts, Morris WSecond Hand Goods
Wayne, T ANursery
Wells, WmPublisher, Payette Enterpise
Wells & Wells
(Jno R and Jesse L)
WESTERN STATES LIFE INSURANCE COBoise Branch, Overland National Bank bldg, Boise, Idaho
R C Pennington, Agency Director;
A G Nelson, Cashier;
Responsible Agents Wanted
Whitely Bottom Lateral CoE C S Brainard, Secretary, Irrigation Project
Windolph, FritzShoes
Wood's Spur District Fruit Growers AssnMarsh Paine, Manager
Wood's Spur Packing HouseMarsh Paine, Manager, Fruit Shippers
Wood & Spaulding
(Michael E Wood, Lott W Spaulding)
Woodward, Ira RPhysician
Woodward, Jesse CPhysicain
YOUNG MEN'S CHRISTIAN ASSNHarold C Newman, Secretary

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