Telephone Directory, Summer 1937

The Mountain States Telephone and Telegraph Company
Payette, New Plymouth, Fruitland,
Ontario, Council, Nyssa, Vale, Weiser

report problem  COVER  
report problem  Advertisements  
report problem  Out of Town Calls  
report problem  Types of Calls  
report problem  General Information  
report problem  Introduction  
report problem  Payette (Ack - Bro)  
report problem  Payette (Bro - Dav)  
report problem  Payette (Dav - Gol)  
report problem  Payette (Goo - Joh)  
report problem  Payette (Joh -McM)  
report problem  Payette (McK - Pay)  
report problem  Payette (Pay - Sch)  
report problem  Payette (Sch - Tex)  
report problem  Payette (Tha - Zim)  
report problem  Council (Ada - Sno)  
report problem  Council (Spe - Zin)  
report problem  Fruitland (Abl - Eng)  
report problem  Fruitland (Eng - Poi)  
report problem  Fruitland (Pol - You)  
report problem  New Plymouth (AAA - Kni)  
report problem  New Plymouth (Kni - Woo)  
report problem  Ontario, Oregon (Abl - But)  
report problem  Ontario, Oregon (But - Enn)  
report problem  Ontario, Oregon (Far - Mal)  
report problem  Ontario, Oregon (Mal - Rei)  
report problem  Ontario, Oregon (Ric - Zim)  
report problem  Nyssa (Abb - Phi)  
report problem  Nyssa (Pin - You)  
report problem  Vale (Abs - Lyt)  
report problem  Vale (Mal - Zut)  
report problem  Weiser (Aas - Bra)  
report problem  Weiser (Bra - Cou)  
report problem  Weiser (Cou - Ful)  
report problem  Weiser (G & S - Hen)  
report problem  Weiser (Hia - Ken)  
report problem  Weiser (Kil - McA)  
report problem  Weiser (McC - Pet)  
report problem  Weiser (Pet - Sea)  
report problem  Weiser (Sea - Tow)  
report problem  Weiser (Tow - Wei)  
report problem  Weiser (Wei - Yoc)  
report problem  Advertisements  

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