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New Plymouth, Idaho Rural Routes

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Statistical Review
General Review

County seat of Payette County. Population, 3,750 (local estimate). Altitude, 2,340 feet. An incorporated city on the Union Pacific, first settled in 1874, and incorporated in 1890, 37 miles northwest of Caldwell and 63 miles northwest of Boise. Payette has a splendid public school system and high school; Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian, Episcopal, Christian, Adventist, Lutheran, Catholic and Christian Science churches, and an energetic Chamber of Commerce. The city has a complete sewer system and water works, creamery, canning factory, brickyard, two box factories, four fruit dehydrators, and many substantial general merchandise stores and other business houses. The streets are well paved and there are many miles of cement sidewalks. Most of the residence streets are lined with shade trees. Payette is teh center of a rich fruit-producing country, well irrigated by teh Payette River, and pruduces abundant crops.

The territory lying tributary to the city consists of the lower part of the Payette Valley, on each side of the Payette River; the Snake River Valley, lying north of the city; Payette Heights, a splendid new fruit section to the east; and the Payette-Oregon slope, located just across the Snake River in Oregon, west of the city, and more commonly known as Dead Ox Flat, a very fine body of land of about 30,000 acres, under irrigation and connected with Payette by the interstate bridge across Snake River. This territory in southern Idaho and eastern Oregon is known as the Payette District and is the best watered and one of the most famous horticultural and agricultural sections of the great Northwest. Express, Railway Express Agency. Telegraph, Western Union.


New Plymouth
Rural Routes
Ackerman, Albert
Ackerman, Don
Albert, Wayne
Alsop, Murl
Ashby, E F
Auker, Leland E
Aultz, H B
Bartz, L A
Baustion, Mrs Melvin
Beeman, Rufus
Bell, Ed
Benjamen, H D
Benjamen, Wm
Bennett, Gordon P
Betts, Floyd J
Boehm, C H
Boggs, Harry
Boggs, Roy K
Bohem, L M
Boyer, Earl
Binchem, Emil J
Binchen, Wm F
Brown, A C
Brown, B A
Brown, Lyle
Burks, R E
Burns, Wm F
Burroughs, H S
Butter, Leonard A
Butts, Floyd A
Carpenter, Chas
Carr, Raymond
Church, Jas
Coates, A L
Colder, Jeanette
Collingsworth, A L
Collins, D B
Collinsworth, C C
Cooper, Nick
Cramer, L G
Creasey, Floyd
Criss, Clyde
Crowther, Mary E
Cummings, E J
Dalton, Mary
Davis, Geo
Davis, Harold
Dennett, Roy
Dillon, Homer
Dillon, Wayne
Doyle, Eug L
Fairchild, Robt
Farley, Frank
Fisher, Harold C
Fisher, Wm
Forgy, Newton
Freeman, A M
Galyan, Frank
Gardener, Fred R
Gardener, Jas T
Garrett, C D
Gaston, Jas A
Gaston, Kenneth
Gerhke, Buelah Mae
Gray, B M
Griffin, Francis
Gross, Mrs Ruth
Grover, Floyd
Handley, Ralph
Hansen, Nelson
Hansen, P K
Hansen, Peter T
Harned, R L
Henderson, Roy J
Hershey, F V
Hickerson, Jay P
High, Mrs Leland
Hone, D L
Hopper, Geo
Hoyer, C A
Hutchinson, M E
Hyde, E F
Hett, Jas
Ireland, Mrs Emory
Jackson, Leon R
James, Chas G
Johnson, Alvin
Johnson, Mrs C L
Johnson, Geo L
Johnson, H G
Jones, Ira C
Jones, John W
Jones, Ross
Josephson, L J
Kallman, C A
Koinzan, Albert
Kreps, Fred
Larsen, Ed
Laudermilk, G T
Leaper, Ralph
Makinson, L B
Mashman, Albert
Mason, Mrs Joe
May, Dale
McCluer, Lloyd
McDaniel, J A
Miebach, Grover
Morell, A J
Myers, Sylvester
Naylor, Bonnie
Nelson, Emel G
Nelson, W J
Newburn, A W
Nieman, Fred
Olson, Mrs Mary
Olson, Sam
Palacio, E A
Paul, Gilbert
Pearson, M B
Platz, Mrs Amelia
Potter, Joel
Priest, Bob
Purkheiser, Frances
Rasmussen, Frank D
Ray, Geo
Ray, John
Reagor, Bryant J
Reed, Aaron G
Reed, Wm
Reinhart, John H
Remmington, Clair
Rife, O C
Robinson, Luther B
Rolfing, Hattie
Ross, Clarence A
Sasser, Foy
Schmid, Bros
Schmid, Walter
Sherman, D W
Shuppan, Geo
Shurts, Everette
Slone, David
Smeizl, Dewey
Smith, A E
Smith, E L
Stockton, R E
Stokesberry, W W
Strawn, Chester G
Strawn, Lester
Streck, Henry
Strong, J E
Sturdy, Glenn
Sullins, Elmer
Sweet, S B
Tackett, Robt
Talbot, B F
Taylor, J D
Telford, E R
Tevebaugh, Lee R
Thompson, Harlen
Thompson, Harry
Tuttle, Ellen
Vaughn, Geo
Vogt, Han C
Walling, C M
Weir, A L
Wessler, L C
White, R M
Wight, Paul
Willis, Mrs Sherman
Wisner, Fred
Wright, W T
Yoachem, Vera
New Plymouth
Route B
Baines, Geo
Bennett, John
Benson, I C
Bowlby, L C
Breitling, J G
Brown, Jess
Brownell, Edwin
Brownell, Sanford
Brunett, H M
Buerman, Herman
Byron, Rees
Campbell, C R
Campo, Josephine
Capps, A S
Carpenter, Dewey
Carpenter, Everett
Carpenter, Mrs Mary
Chadwick, E C
Chilcott, Wm G
Clevenger, F M
Clowser, Keith
Combs, Manford S
Conger, Bert
Conger, Wayne
Cookson, V M
Copenhover, Roy
Craven, Josephine
Crockett, Hubert A
Cruickshank, G L
Darrell, Milton
David, E L
Davis, Harold L
Dean, John
Deiker, Patricia R
Dotson, Lon
Douglas, C R
Dykema, John
Easton, H C
Edwards, Wm E
Elson, A W
Enwards, Roy
Faris, B V
Fisher, Harold O
Fisher, Jake
Fuller, C L
Funk, Mrs Paul
Gandie, Earnest
Gardener, Clarence W
Gerlock, Walter
Gifford, Glenn
Godschlax, Wm
Gottsch, Geo
Gove, Hattie
Gray, F E
Gray, W A
Groves, C E
Halbert, Merlin
Hale, C C
Haley, L B
Hallman, John
Hamilton, J R
Harris, W M
Harrison, W E
Hassett, Joe
Henry, Wallace
Herman, Don
Hill, Mrs John
Hudson, C P
Ilett, Herb
Jones, Tom W
Jordan, T A
Keller, Ben G
Knight, R M
LaCrone, Walker
Lanham, L E
Larsen, Mrs E B
Lee, Harold E
Limbaugh, J H
Lingel, Wayne
Little, Walter
Livingston, F M
Lukehart, Ida B
Manser, L C
Mathews, Ira
McKee, J O
Meecam, L J
Milk, Ralph
Moore, Don E
Moore, M J
Morris, M M
Manis, Marion
Mount, Mrs Clarence
Musick, E C
Nelson, Russell
Nesbitt, Iva
Nesbitt, M S
Ness, S A
Neutze, Otto J
Nichols, J F
Oliver, Ross
Olson, Olie P
Olson, Pete
Osburn, Steph
Otten, John
Palmer, Glee L
Parton, Burton
Patterson, R A
Paulson, J B
Pearson, Mrs J E
Peterson, Bert
Pickett, C G
Pierce, Chas E
Platz, Martin
Pomeray, S L
Potter, Mrs Patsy
Pritzel, Chas
Putnam, Clyde E
Ramsbottom, Earl
Rasmussen, Louis
Ratcliff, Eli R
Robinson, Jay P
Rose, Mary
Rosenberger, Fred
Russell, Desmond
Russell, Ercil
Salsby, John
Sattgast, Herman
Sattgast, J W
Schrecongost, Alvin
Scott, Geo F
Shands, Everett
Shiogana, H
Simmons, Geo
Sims, A J
Sorenson, David
Speller, Mrs Harold L
Springsteen, H B
Stockholm, Chas
Strohbehn, Ed
Stuart, C D
Stuart, Marion
Sunada, H
Snyder, E E
Snyder, Harry
Troxell, J J
Turnbow, Tom
Tyler, Ward D
VanLewan, Orlan C
Vogt, Alvin G
Walling, C E
Weed, David
Wiles, Bernice
Woodruff, Floyd W
Woody, E L
Wooley, Azra
Wright, J L
Young, Elmer
Young, Leslie W

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