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Fruitland Downtown Master Plan
Building Rehabilitation

Prepared for The City of Fruitland
Prepared by PlanMakers

Building Rehabilitation
(Page 15 - 16)
As the historical center of Fruitland, the downtown contains a number of historic buildings worthy of preservation and continued use. Making old buildings more functional and enhancing their storefronts and unique details is the first step in revitalizing the downtown. Newer buildings would be remodeled or designed to reinforce the town's special hometown character.

Fruitland's Historic Buildings, Reconnaissance (1999) recorded 33 historic buildings within the downtown core and along South Pennsylvania Avenue; see Table 1. The visual richness of these structures cannot be duplicated and thus every effort must be made to maintain Fruitland's architectural heritage. Since many of these buildings have been remodeled, it is recommended that they be rehabilitated to recapture the warmth and beauty they once had.

To demonstrate Fruitland's potential for rehabilitation, a number of examples were prepared to illustrate improved storefronts, sympathetic painting, awnings and tasteful signing. The Fruitland Chamber of Commerce sponsored a coloring contest featuring seven historic buildings proposed for rehabilitation on the 200 block of Main Street. A vacant lot at the center of the block was redesigned for a Poma Terra outdoor courtyard. Hundreds of school children of various ages along with a few adults colored the drawings. Awards were presented to winning entries and displayed, helping promote the block's unique architecture.

Making these buildings more functional and enhancing their storefronts and unique details is the first step in revitalizing downtown Fruitland. Sensitive rehabilitation starts with a review of historic photographs of a building, an understanding of its structural integrity and knowledge of its alterations over time. By enlisting the services of an architect and/or contractor, decisions can be made about how to best utilize all areas of the building, type of use and desired tenants. Decisions are also required on access into and through the building, new utility systems and to maintaining or recapturing the building's architectural character.

Specific treatment and techniques are outlined in the Secretary of the Interior's Guidelines for Rehabilitation. This is of particular importance since rehabilitation establishes eligibility for tax investment credits if the work meets specific guidelines and is certified. To take advantage of these tax credits, a Fruitland Historic District should be nominated to the National Register of Historic Places. A Fruitland Historic Preservation Commission should be established to review alterations within the proposed district. As a Certified Local Government, the commission would be able to receive small grants from the Idaho State Historical Society to inventory other buildings, prepare a walking tour brochure or conduct other activities.

Table 1. Historic Buildings Recorded During Reconnaissance
(Page 17)

Property AddressProperty NameProperty TypeEst. Construction DateComments
7100 S. Pennsylvania Farmstead1900 -1920 
7125 S. Pennsylvania House/barn? 
North of 7100 S. Pennsylvania Barn1900 -1920 
7180 S. Pennsylvania House1900 - 1920 
7217 S. Pennsylvania Farmstead1900 - 1920Stone Outbuilding, 2 Barns
725 S. Pennsylvania Farmstead1900 - 19206+ Outbuildings
724 S. Pennsylvania Farmstead1900 - 19204+ Outbuildings
718 S. Pennsylvania House1920sMove here from elsewhere
200 SW 3rdFruitland Drug Co.Commercialc. 1909 
202 - 208 SW 3rdBen Thomas BuildingCommercialc. 1912 
212 SW 3rd CommercialPost 1920 
218 SW 3rd CommercialPost 1920 
220 SW 3rdHecke BuildingCommercial1909 
222 SW 3rdP.E. Johnson BuildingCommercialc. 1910 
224 SW 3rd Commercialc. 1910 
235 SW 3rdM.B. Carnefix HouseCommercial1896 or 1904 
245 SW 3rd Commercialc. 1910 
302 SW 3rdFruitland State BankCommercial1910, post 1920 
304 SW 3rdLenard'sCommercialPost 1920 
308(?) SW 3rd Commercial1920 - 1940 
400 - 402 SW 3rdHitchcock StationCommercial1924 - 1927 
414 SW 3rd House1905 - 1930 
500 block SW 3rdFruitland High SchoolSchool1928, 1939 
731 SW 3rdB.F. Tussing HouseHouse1905 
S. Whitley and SW 3rdJ.T. Carnefix NurseryCommercial1906 - 1940s 
113 SW 4th House1900 - 1920 
117 SW 4th House1900 - 1910 
SW 4th and MinnesotaChurch of the BrethrenChurch1941 
211 SW 4th House1905 - 1930 
213 SW 4th House1900 - 1910 
215 SW 4th House1905 - 1930 
SW 2nd and NebraskaUnited Methodist ChurchChurch1909 

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