Fruitland Downtown Master Plan

Prepared for The City of Fruitland
Prepared by PlanMakers

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Pennsylvania Avenue Entryway Beautification
(Page 20)
Fruitland's South Pennsylvania Avenue entrance into the downtown is to be upgraded with trees, sidewalks and bike lanes. The street will take on the appearance of a county lane, a slow moving, tree-lined street serving cars, cyclists and pedestrians.

South Pennsylvania Avenue provides characteristics of rural life worth preserving and enhancing. Leaving U.S 95, drivers experience a number of historic homes and simple outbuildings along side irrigated fields yielding bountiful crops. The semi-rural corridor extends past the Fruitland Middle School and through a neighborhood of homes facing the avenue and into the curve entering Main Street.

Currently, the avenue is two lanes with a turning lane section serving the Fruitland Middle School, and without sidewalks or curb and gutter. The avenue has storm drains, but they do.not currently drain. Fourth Street to 6th Street through the Poma Terra and East Fruitland additions has a 55-foot right-of-way. 6th Street to U.S. 95 has a 60-foot right-of way. The speed limit is posted as 35 mph.

An architectural reconnaissance prepared in 1999 by SAIC found eight historic buildings along Pennsylvania Avenue. Examples include the a farmstead (7100 Pennsylvania), a Victorian house and barn (7125 Pennsylvania), a board and batten barn and a handsome two-story residence (7180 Pennsylvania).

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Triangle Entry Park
(Page 21)
The small triangular site located at the intersection of U.S. 95 and South Pennsylvania Avenue is proposed for a landscaped city entry park. The site is to be purchased and improved, with an entrance off of Pennsylvania Avenue for a two-car parking and small picnic area. The park would be landscaped and a Welcome to Fruitland sign installed. Another option is to create additional parking for a Park and Ride commuter lot.

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Pennsylvania Avenue Bike Lane
(Page 21)
A key component of the avenue is two striped 6-foot bike lanes. Vehicle and bicycle safety conflicts will be reduced by striping the roadway. The bike lanes would connect to a 10-foot asphalt bicycle/pedestrian path located along U.S 95 beginning at milepost 61.1 north of the 1-84 overpass and ending at the junction of Highway 30/95 at NW 16th Street at milepost 64-9. The bike lanes would connect to the Fruitland Middle School and extend via a tree-lined and fenced path to the Fruitland High School and Grade School. On the north the lanes would connect with a bike route on SW 4* Street and to the proposed Farmers Cooperative Canal pathway and Main Street. The bike system would provide a link to the Old School Community Center, the Fruitland Community Park and the U.S. 95 underpass, which leads to Crestview Park.

Pennsylvania Avenue Improvements
(Page 21)
Proposed improvements as illustrated include two travel lanes, two bike lanes, curb and gutter, planting strips, sidewalks, welcome sign and lighting. A special pedestrian crossing is proposed just north of the Fruitland Middle School connecting to the high school and grade school. Light strips along the crosswalk would blink when activated by pedestrians. This project will create a safe, healthy, and scenic alternate form of transportation for many people living in Fruitland's community as well as for visitors passing through.

Tourism Development
(Page 22)
Fruitland has the opportunity to expand its visitor and tourism economy. The Fruitland Chamber of Commerce will maintain an office at the recently expanded City Hall. Located adjacent to U.S. 95, the office is a good location for providing local information. Local sites include the Payette River, Snake River, Four Rivers Cultural Center, Old School Community Center, Fruitland Community Park and downtown historic sites. Potential partners include the Southwestern Idaho Tourism Association, a regional organization involved in planning and implementing marketing efforts for the region and the Idaho Division of Tourism.

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