Fruitland Downtown Master Plan
Utility and Street Improvements

Prepared for The City of Fruitland
Prepared by PlanMakers

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Utility and Street Improvements
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Water and sewer lines serving the downtown are located in the alleys. As part of the streetscape project, storm drain improvement are to be included on portions of Main Street. Water lines would be improved from Iowa Avenue to Kansas Avenue.

A 2-inch asphalt matt was laid on Main Street 15 years ago, at the time of the bypass construction, and is still in relatively good condition. Years of build up have created a high crown on Main Street. It would be best to rebuild the entire roadbed at the same time as the streetscape work, but the cost is prohibitive given its condition. Therefore, the edges of the roadbed will be rebuilt and tapered to meet the existing center grade. Holladay Engineers has prepared construction drawings for the streetscape project. Future work includes engineering and redesigning the Main Street and Pennsylvania Avenue intersection.

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In order for all city center uses to compete effectively, improved parking management by the city, merchants and property owners will be required. This calls for good signing, enforcement, employee parking spaces, paving and striping of existing unimproved spaces, additional new lots, and the redesign and improved utilization of many existing parking areas. If implemented, these measures will provide an adequate supply of parking spaces to serve the downtown. Parking improvements recommended for action include the following:

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Iowa Avenue Angle Parking
(Page 14)
On-street parking is to be re-striped on Iowa Avenue with angle parking on the east side and parallel parking on the west side. The 80-foot right-of-way is divided by two 14-foot sidewalks, a 20-foot 60-degree angle parking bay, an 8-foot parallel parking bay and two 12-foot travel lanes. Angle parking will nearly double the number of on-street parking spaces per block.

Alley Parking
(Page 14)
Property owners are encouraged to expand parking spaces by adding spaces served by the alleys, and in most cases, directly behind their business.

Downtown Public Parking
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A critical component is the addition of new off-street parking. A 50-stall off-street parking lot is proposed for southeast corner of Main Street and Nebraska Avenue. Action steps require funding, acquisition, design and construction.

Employee Parking
(Page 14)
A new 17-space lot is to be improved for employee parking on the southeast corner at 2nd Street and Iowa Avenue. Additional employee parking would be available at the Brethern Church.

RV Parking
(Page 14)
A critical need is to provide off-street parking for recreation vehicles traveling U.S. 95. Open areas near the railroad right-of-way have been proposed for four pull-through RV spaces. It is recommended that the lot be graded, graveled and the stall spaces identified. Directional RV parking signs would identify the site.

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