The Durham Family

by Chelsea Barner, Brandt Buckner, and Jeana Jeffries
Mrs. Dillon's 4th Period Class
May 23, 2005

The Durham Family moved to Payette, from the Midwest, in 1903 because they bought land here.

David Russel Durham, born October 27, 1871 and died March 22, 1937, came to Payette with his wife, Etta, after having a son, George T. Durham. George was born in 1903 in Kansas and had other siblings.

report problem As George grew older he met Alice, who was born in Twin Falls in 1902, and they got married. In 1944 they had David.

David married Juanita and had Judy, Nancy, and David Durham. They have all grown up and got married.

report problem David Durham married Anne and had two children. Nancy got married and had children, too, Trevor and Demi Bogle, are the children of hers that go to our school.

Some of the other Durham relatives that we found information on were Ira Alonzo Durham and Orah Edward Durham. Ira was born on April 13, 1898 and died in October of 1977. Orah was born in April of 1893 in Milo, Iowa. Both Ira and Orah were registered in the 1917 - 1918 World War I Civilian Draft.

We found that Mrs. Orah Durham was a great hostess, quite social, and was a member of theClickatats club along with Ira Durham and his wife and George Durham. On February 2, 1922, Mrs. Orah Durham entertained the club with cards and music, and the "most delightful refreshments."

We also found that Milton Worth Durham married Louise Grace Journey, in Payette, on August 6, 1938. Iris Allene Durham married Ronald Eugene Whitely, in Payette, on June 2, 1946.

Kenneth Allen Durham, another relative, was born on May 30, 1939 and died November 11, 1945, at only six years old.

David Russel Durham originally had 60 acres of land when he came two North Payette in 1903, and to this day the Durham family still owns the same 60 acres.

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