World War II Personnel With Ties to Payette County

Independent Enterprise
Thursday, May 24, 1945


Was Serving With Marines In Iwo Jima Battle

Washington, D. C.
Via Payette, Idaho

Mrs. Elsie Jane M. Brundage, Cleveland, Ohio.

The Navy department deeply regrets to inform you that your husband, Lloyd James Brundage, Jr., Pharmacist’s Mate 2/c USN previously reported missing in action is now known to have been killed in action wle in the service of his country. No information available at present in regard to disposition of remains but by reason of existing conditions burial at sea or in locality of death highly probable. If further details are received they will be forwarded to your promptly. To prevent possible aid to our enemies do not divulge the name of his ship or station. The Navy Department extends to you its sincerest sympathy in your great loss.

Vice Admiral Randall Jacobs,
Chief of Navy Personnel

The foregoing telegram received by the wife at Cleveland and sent on to relatives here, brought the sad news that another Payette boy has made the supreme sacrifice for this country.

Lloyd James Brundage was born at Portland, Ore., Dec. 7, 1923. He came to Payette with his parents, when he was ten, attended local schools and graduated from Payette high school with the class of 1941. He enlisted in the navy and left for the San Diego training station June 20, 1941. Following preliminary training he became a medical technician 2/c. He left the U. S. Nov. 22, 1943 and was serving with the Marines on Iwo Jima at the time he met death.

He is survived by his wife, Elsie Jane N. Brundage of Cleveland, O.; his parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Brundage of Payette; a brother, Richard, somewhere in the Pacific with the Marines; a sister, Beverly of Payette; and his grandfather, W. S. (Scott) Brundage also of this city.

Lloyd was a member of the local Methodist church.

Independent Enterprise
September 10, 1942

Myron Colton Killed In Action

Payette Youth Makes Supreme Sacrifice In His Country’s Service

Myron Dale Colton, baker 2nd class, U. S. N., was killed in action, in performance of his duty in the service of his country. No date or details were given by the navy department in sending this notice to the parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Colton of Portland, Oregon.

Myron was born Nov. 15, 1921, at Payette, Idaho. He lived here until in May, 1939 when he joined the navy. He was a member of the Junior Odd Fellows later joining the Senior Lodge of Payette. Two of his brother(s) are in the service. Vere who is a staff sergeant and in North Ireland and Harold, a gunner’s mate 3rd class of the U. S. Navy. One sister, Anna, Mrs. Lawrence Neault, lives at Baker, Ore., and the third brother, Clifford, lives in Portland.

The following is a copy of the government wire received by Mr. and Mrs. Colton:

"The Navy department deeply regrets to inform you that your son Myron Dale Colton, baker 2nd class, U. S. Navy, was killed in action in the performance of his duty and in the service of his country. The department extends to you its sincerest sympathy in your great loss. To prevent possible aid to our enemies please do not divulge the name of his ship or station. On account of existing conditions recovery of the remains is impossible. If further details are received you will be promptly informed. Rear Admirable Randall Jacobs, Chief of Naval Personnel."

Independent Enterprise
Thursday, October 12, 1944

Lt. John Denney Lost At Sea

Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Shake, friends, received word recently that Lt. (j. g.) John Denney, Jr., well known in Payette, was lost at sea in the recent hurricane disaster when the destroyer Warrington on which the young man was serving sunk off Cape Hatteras.

Young Denney whose home was at Chicago spent considerable time in Payette with the Shakes and other friends prior to the war.

He had served 22 months in the Pacific war theater and participated in several major battles.

Independent Enterprise
Thursday, August 16, 1945


Mrs. Easley Receives Word This Week

Hurshel Easley, S 1C, who has been carried on Navy records as “missing in action” for three years has been officially declared dead according to a letter received this week by his mother, Mrs. Sylvia M. Easley, 224 So. Eighth St. from the Navy department.

The letter follows:

"My Dear Mrs. Easley:"

"Your son, Hurshel Easley, Seaman first class, United States Navy, has been carried on the official records of the Navy Department in the status of missing in action since 9 August 1942. He was serving on board the USS Jarvis when that vessel was damaged as the result of enemy air attacks off Guadalcanal on 8 August 1942. The vessel was last seen by a ship on patrol, in the early morning of 9 August 1942, presumably enroute to the repair base at Noumea, New Caledonia. The Jarvis never reached the repair base and an intensive search by ships and aircraft failed to locate any trace of the missing ship or of the personnel aboard the ship. However, in the absence of conclusive evidence of death, your son was placed in the missing status.

In view of the length of time that has elapsed since your son was reported to be missing in action, and because there have been no official nor unconfirmed reports that any of the personnel of the ship survived or were taken prisoners of war, and in view of the fact that the area the USS Jarvis normally would have traversed has increasingly come under Allied surveillance since 9 August 1942, I am reluctantly forced to the conclusion that your son is deceased. In compliance with Section 5 of Public law 490, 77th Congress, as amended, the death of your son, for the purposes of termination of pay and allowances, settlement of accounts and payment of death gratuities, presumably to have occurred on 12 July 1945.

I extend my deepest sympathy to you in your sorrow. It is hoped that you may find comfort in the knowledge that your son gave his life for his country, upholding the highest traditions of the Navy.

Sincerely yours,
Artemus L. Gates."

Mrs. Easley has lived in this city four years. Her son visited her here in 1942 shortly before he left on the ill-fated cruise overseas.

Richard D Fisk, Ship's Cook 1st Class Petty Officer (S1c), Payettee, ID
From Book Belonging to Jerry Cutt's Grandfather
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