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New Plymouth Sentinel 1919

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New Plymouth Sentinel
Friday, March 21, 1919
Seven Year Old Boy Accidentally Shot at Falk (By Our Falk Correspondent)

A very sad accident occurred upon the slope last Friday morning. The two little Sanderson boys were alone in the house while the mother was out for a few minutes, and the boys, ages seven and eight respectively, secured a couple of guns and one of them said "Let's fight." The gun held by the older boy was loaded and the other boy was shot, dying almost instantly. Mr. and Mrs. Sanderson were living on the Heizer ranch, Mr. Sanderson being a son-in-law of Mr. Heizer. The body was taken to Caldwell for burial, funeral services being held on Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Sanderson have the sympathy of the entire community.

NOTE: According to the Idaho Death Index, Burt Andrew Sanderson was born 19 August 191 and died 14 March 1919 (Cheryl Hanson)

New Plymouth Sentinel
Friday, April 04, 1919
Death of Child

Carlene, the fourteen months old baby daughter of Mrs. A. C. Adams of Emmett Slope, died from bronchial pneumonia at Fruitland on Wednesday of this week. The funeral services were held from the Christian church of Payette on Thursday. (Riverside Cemetery)

New Plymouth Sentinel
Friday, August 08, 1919

At An Advanced Age This Pioneer Joins the Choir Invisible

After a lingering illness of several months Judge Wilson passed quietly away at his home on West Boulevard on Monday morning, August 4th 1919 at the age of 81 years, 7 months, and 9 days.

The Subject of this sketch, George W. Wilson, was born at Watseca, Illinois, Christmas day in 1837. In 1861 he was married to Sarah John and the union was blessed with the coming of nine children, six of whom survive. Alex Wilson, of Payette; Sidney Wilson and Mrs. George Young of Albion, Neb.; Mrs. Flora Fitzsimmons, of Spaulding, Neb; Frank Wilson of Watseca, Ill. and Mrs. Anna Vliet of Roseville, Ill.

In 1903 Judge Wilson and his wife came to New Plymouth where they built a new house on the farm now owned by Karl Hartman. Mrs. Wilson only lived to enjoy the same for about a year dying in 1905 and her was taken back to Woodland, Ill. where it was laid to rest and now the remains of her husband are enroute to find a last resting place by her side.

In 1907, on March 5th Mr. Wilson was united in marriage to Mrs. Elizabeth Ringer, in New Plymouth and the union was one of the happiest this side of Paradise. They were one and inseparable, and all that loving hands could do, was done by Mrs. Wilson during the life and death of her dear one. She left this week with the body for interment in Ill. and will return in about three weeks. Judge Wilson was a member of the A.F. and A. M. and was a constituent member of the New Plymouth Baptist church. Brief funeral services were held on the lawn Tuesday afternoon conducted by the pastor Rev. Ford Burch.

Judge Wilson was one of God's noblemen. He was not puffed up by honor, nor a fair weather man to those who gained his friendship. He was a man of the highest sense of honor, disclaimed sham, hypocrisy and fraud. He was of a happy disposition, and made everybody happy around him. He died as he lived, with a smile on his face and a circle of gold around his heart. He was born crying, while those around him smiled - he did smiling, while those around him wept. Fairwell, true friend, we hope to find the same triumphal ending when our time shall come.

New Plymouth Sentinel
Friday, August 15, 1919
DAY, A. P.
Another Pioneer Passes Away

A.P. Day, father of E. P. Day of this city, died at the home of the former on August 12th, following an attack of indigestion. Mr. Day was born in Ohio 79 years ago and lived in New Plymouth for some time several years ago. He was a man of great mental and physical capacity and left but one child E. P. Day, of immediate relative to mourn his loss. His wife died about ten years ago. Funeral services, conducted by Rev. Rice, were held on Wednesday and the remains were quietly laid to rest in Park View. (Park View Cemetery)

New Plymouth Sentinel
Friday, August 22, 1919
Young Man Dies

John Grischkowsky came to Fruitland December 22nd 1918 from Kimama and died from pneumonia August 18th. He was nearly 20 years of age and leaves a mother, five brothers, and four sisters to mourn his untimely death. He was buried Wednesday by the Rev. E. F. Meier, assisted by Rev. Hy Schuize. He died saying the Lord's prayer and shortly before his death he said "Mother why do you cry. I am not going to die, I am only going home to my Savior." The remains were laid to rest in Park View cemetery. (Park View Cemetery)

New Plymouth Sentinel
Friday, October 17, 1919
Dies in Orchard Picking Fruit

Ed F. Eggers, who owns the old Fishburn ranch just west of town, was enjoying a visit from his father and in the busy season of the year, the latter was assisting in harvesting the big apple crop Mr. Eggers had grown. In his usual good health suddenly and without warning the old gentleman passed away without giving a moments warning.

He was about 72 years of age and the body was shipped to Snohomish, Washington for interment. We are advised by A. Meyer Undertaker, that of the several deaths around New Plymouth during the past summer this is the youngest person to be called.

NOTE: According to the Idaho Death Index, Henry T. Eggers was born 05 February 1848 and died 14 October 1919 (Cheryl Hanson)

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