Charles L. Martin

Payette Enterprise
Thursday, April 24, 1930



C. L. Martin, 57 years of age, a rancher living one mile east of New Plymouth, was instantly killed and his wife and daughter seriously injured in an auto accident Saturday evening, while his 19 year old son who was driving the car escaped injury.

The Martin family were on their way to Payette and when near the Wilfong ranch, three miles west of New Plymouth, they met another car driven by Mrs. H. L. Householder, who also lives in that community, and due to glaring headlights with no particular blame attached to either driver the cards side swiped with sufficient force to cause the driver of the Martin car to lose control when the car swerved to the opposite side of the road and turned bottom side up and immediately took fire. The son, who was not injured was the only member of the family who was able to relieve himself from the wreck. He at once took off his coat and smothered the flame burning his sister's hair, then pulled her from beneath the car. He was also able to get his mother from beneath the burning car, but the father who was evidently killed outright was pinned fast with a crushed skull and was not removed until after the New Plymouth fire department, being notified, had arrived and extinguished the flames that had completely burned the clothes from the unfortunate man.

H. E. Wilfong who lives nearby heard the crash and came quickly to render assistance as well as others who were passing by. Mrs. Martin and daughter were taken to the Ontario by Dr. Drysdale of New Plymouth where it was discovered that Mrs. Martin had suffered a broken pelvis bone and one leg, besides severely bruised and suffering from the shock. The daughter had one arm quite badly injured and her badly burned.

I. H. Adair, coroner of Payette county, Sheriff Stewart and Deputy Fensky were called to the scene of the accident. It was deemed unnecessary to hold an inquest. the funeral for Mr. Martin was held from the New Plymouth Baptist church, Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock.

Note: According to the Idaho Death Index, Charles L. Martin died 4-19-1930, New Plymouth. Burial at Parkview Cemetery. Ch