Charlie Guild

Payette Enterprise
Thursday, April 08, 1915


"Uncle Charlie Guild" one of the pioneers of Idaho and Oregon passed away April 3rd at the home of his adopted daughter Mrs. J. C. Geisler, Payette, Idaho. At the age of 12 together with his father, he crossed the Plains with ox teams, himself walking most of the distance. They settled in Portland, Oregon. His father built the first frame house in Portland. The city was then a dense forest. They helped to clear away the timber and to start the city. At the age of 36 he came to Idaho and settled on Little Willow, on what is now the Charles Bolton ranch. In 1885 he moved to Payette where he lived the remainder of his life. At the age of 20 he was married to Cordelia Savage. They had no children of their own, but most of their married life they were helping to care for others children. They were fatherly and motherly and helped to rear as many as sixteen children. Ella McKeen was adopted by them and was with them for eighteen years until she was married to J. C. Geisler. 'Uncle Charlie' and 'Antie' Guild will long be remembered for their kind services to the sick and needy. They were always ready to answer any call for help either night or day. Uncle Charlie was an excellent character, honest and conscientious. He would not under any consideration, take undue advantage of anyone for his own interest. He was ready and willing to sacrifice for the sake of peace. He was a member of the Christian Church at Payette. He loved the Church and supported it in every way he knew how. He was 80 years, 1 mo. and 25 days old, with out a gray hair and apparently well the day he died.

Fruitland Banner (Friday, April 09, 1915)

Payette Pioneer Dies

Charles Guild, a pioneer of the Payette Valley, was found dead in bed last Saturday afternoon, by his adopted daughter, Mrs. John Giesler, with whom he had made his home since the death of his wife eight years ago. His death was due to heart trouble. He was 80 years old last February.

Payette Independent (Thursday, April 08, 1915)

Charles Guild was born in Illinois, Feb. 8, 1835. In 1847 he crossed the plains with his father in an ox-cart and settled at Portland, Ore. In 1883 he came to Idaho and settled on Little Willow on what is now known as the Charles Bolton ranch. Two years later he moved to Payette, where he resided until the time of his death. He was of a family of nine children, six boys and three girls, all but two of whom are dead. The two surviving brothers live in and near Portland. At the age of 20 he was married to Cordelia Savage. They had no children of their own but were always fatherly and motherly to others. They helped to rear as many as 15 children. Ella McKern now Mrs. J. C. Giesler was adopted by them, and they brought her up as their own child. His good wife preceded him to better land eight years ago. Some fifteen years ago he embraced the religion of Jesus Christ, and died in the faith. He passed away April 3, 1915 at the home of his adopted daughter in Payette at the age of 80 years 1 mo. and 25 days. Besides the adopted daughter and brothers he leaves other relatives and a host of friends.

Funeral services at the Christian church Monday at noon.