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Special thanks to Jeannie Josephson for submitting this information!
These records were transcribed and compiled by Jeannie Josephson
on November 4, 1996 at the Payette County Courthouse.

The following list of names are contained in the U.S. Department Of Labor Naturalization Sevice Records of Declartation of Intention, Vol. #1 found at the County Courthouse, Payette, Payette County, Idaho. These naturalization records are not likely to be available at any other courthouse. Shortly after these naturalization proceedings were held, the county transferred all such proceedings to the state in Boise, Ada County, Idaho.

Information on each Declaration includes name, age, occupation, race, complexion, height, weight, color of hair, eyes and other visible distinctive marks, place of birth, date of birth, country from where the Declarant emigrated to the US, vessel listed in most declarations, last foreign residence, if married, name of spouse, where born, and where the spouse was residing at time of the Declaration, country of prior allegiance and fidelity, port of arrival, state and date of arrival, and signature of the emigrant.

VOL. 1, Nos. 1- 47
Court Order in Payette Co, ID
Filed 12 Sep 1930
Name Page
ASHWORTH, Thomas 3
CAMPO, Eugene A. 2
CARLSON, Albert 7
CASBERG, Hermine Louise 41
CASBERG, Johanna 26
CROCKFORD, William Frederick 35
CULLER, Melvin 25
DAVIS, Guss, (Gustois SIMETGOYLER) 21
DEN BOER, Jan Maarten 1
DUELL, Herbert E. 4
GISSEL, Soren 9
HARRIS, Wallace M.P. 8
HENDY, Joseph Henry 16
HOLMAN, Clara 45
HOLMAN, Rosa Ellenor 46
KLAESON, Herman 32
KOSESAN, Nick 22
KUSMAN, John 27
LUHR, Henry 10
MARKCUSSEN, Willy Christian 40
MAYER, Frank 43
MAYER, Fred 44
McCARTHY, Charles Edward 19
MORGAN, Charles Norton 6
MOSS, Daisey Bidmead 37
NEILSON, Willy 33
OLIVER, Francis Noble 17
OTTER, Frederick William 15
PAULSEN, Theodore Bertram John 5
POTTER, John Van 13
RONFIELD, Henry 36
SCHICHTEL, Micheal Felix 28
SCHLETH, Elsa Doretha 34
SCHULYER, Aloys Charles 42
SERDOC, Josep 38
SHERARD, William A. 47
SPECHT, Clemens 24
SPECHT, Frank 23
SPECHT, Lawrentz 30
WALLER, Lewis 14
WIGCHERT, Albertus Engelmudus 20
WILLIAMS, John Thomas 11
WRIGHT, Ethel Lillian 31

Along with the record of names the Judge entered an order which reads in part:
Now therefore be it ordered, adjudged and decreed, the Naturalization jurisdiction which this court has heretofore exercised throughout the Seventh Judicial District, be relinquished, and It appearing to the court that there is very Little Naturalization business transacted in any county within this Judicial district and it further appearing that the US District Court at Boise, ID. has concurrent jurisdiction with this court for the naturalization of Aliens residing within this Judicial District and it further appearing to the court that the retention of naturalization Jurisdiction by this court imposes on the various clerks of this Judicial District a burden of work in rendering reports and keeping naturalization records which is not warranted by the amount of work done by the said court. Also ordered: A copy hereof be entered in the Journal of this court in the counties of Washington, Canyon, Payette, Gem, Adams, and Valley, the same being counties embraced by this judical district. After this order was entered in the Seventh Judicial District Court Records, proceedings were moved to the US District Court at Boise, but it appears that the listed individuals were naturalized before the foregoing order was entered.

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