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              PAYETTE COUNTY WWI
                            Civilian Draft Registrations 1917-1918

U.S. Army and Air Forces Personnel Who Died in the Line of Duty in World War II, 1941-1946

Surname Given Name Branch of Service Rank Information
Atherton Roger Corporal Killed in Action  
Birchard Quentin Captain Determined to be Dead  
Carter Earl Private Killed in Action  
Cullen Vane Technical Sergeant Killed in Action  
Cummings Eldon Second Lieutenant Killed in Action  
Currin Robert Private Killed in Action OBITUARY
Daudt Ralph Private Killed in Action OBITUARY
Deardorff James Private Died Non-Battle  
Frazier Jim Private Killed in Action OBITUARY
Harvey Laurence Sergeant Killed in Action  
Haworth Frank Private Determined to be Dead  
Henderson George Staff Sergeant Determined to be Dead  
Hickerson Fain Staff Sergeant Died of Injuries  
Kuhn Archie Technician Fifth Grade Killed in Action  
La Porte Samuel Staff Sergeant Killed in Action  
Lockey William First Lieutenant Died Non-Battle  
Mickelsen Stephen Private Died Non-Battle  
Poland Frank Private First Class Killed in Action  
Reimers Paul Sergeant Died Non-Battle  
Rosenberger Charles Private First Class Died Non-Battle  
Rotert Francis Private First Class Died of Wounds  
Simonian Bob Private First Class Died Non-Battle  
White Robert Staff Sergeant Killed in Action OBITUARY

BallengerLeoServed in United States Navy on carrier FranklinKilled in Action 
BayJamesOREGON PVT 383 INF 96 INF DIVKilled in ActionOBITUARY
BrundageLloyd Killed in ActionOBITUARY
CloseRoyPrivate First Class
Oregon PFC 306 INF 77 INF DIV
Killed in ActionOBITUARY
ColtonMyron DaleBaker Second ClassKilled in ActionOBITUARY
DenneyJohnLieutenantLost at SeaOBITUARY
EasleyHurshelSeaman First ClassKilled in ActionOBITUARY
FisherGeorgeMachinists Mate First ClassKilled in Action on USS ChicagoOBITUARY
KinnardKennyServed in United States Navy on the Battleship ArizonaKilled in Action
on the Battleship Arizona at Pearl Harbor
NelsonLuther MerlePrivateKilled in ActionOBITUARY
ReimersFred LeeYoeman Third Class OBITUARY
ReimersPaulSergeantKilled in Airplane CrashOBITUARY
ThomasLelandSecond LieutenantKilled in ActionOBITUARY

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U.S. Military Personnel Who Died From Hostile Action in the Korean War, 1950-1957

Surname Given Name Branch of Service Rank Date of Death Type of Casualty
Kreiter Peter Jr. Army Corporal June 11, 1951 Killed in Action
Moulton Lewis C. Army Corporal April 12, 1951 Killed in Action
Schamber Melvin R. Army Private First Class August 16, 1950 Killed in Action

U.S. Military Personnel Who Died as a Result of the Vietnam Conflict, 1957-1995

Surname Given Name Branch of Service Rank Date of Birth Date of Death Place of Death Type of Casualty
Brumet Robert Newton Air Force Captain October 22, 1927 April 09, 1964 South Vietnam Hostile, Died, Missing
Flint Winfield Scott Marines Lance Corporal April 18, 1948 May 14, 1967 South Vietnam Hostile, Killed
Meechan Richard Joseph Air Force Colonel January 06, 1928 June 15, 1972 South Vietnam Non-Hostile, Died, Missing
Naillon Danny Army Private First Class October 01, 1946 September 12, 1966 South Vietnam Non-Hostile, Died, Other

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