Payette County Civil War Veterans

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Civil War Veterans from Payette County

Ashbaugh John A. Indiana Elkhart Company & 21st Indiana Battery OBITUARY
Ashlock Francis P. Illinois Company G, 14th Illinois Regiment & 71st Illinois Regiment OBITUARY
Avery George L. Ohio Company H, 114th Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry OBITUARY
Bennett J. M.   NOTE: Died in Ely, Nevada on January 4, 1924. Check there for obit. OBITUARY
Bowen Adna Michigan Company A, 4th Michigan Infantry OBITUARY
Bower Warren Illinois Company H, 92nd Illinois Mounted Infantry OBITUARY
Brandford Ezra      
Burgess Benjamin Franklin     OBITUARY
Burks Elphanan Iowa Comapny A, 3rd Iowa Infantry OBITUARY
Bushnell Orlanda Illinois Company D, 6th Illinois Infantry  
Carpenter W. P. Iowa Company K, 17th Iowa Regiment OBITUARY
Clayton William Iowa Company A, 23rd Regiment Iowa Volunteer Infantry OBITUARY
Coleman George Illinois Company K, 156th Illinois Infantry OBITUARY
Cooper John Illinois Company D, 114th Illinois Infantry OBITUARY
Coulter Amos Ohio Company F, 147th Ohio Infantry OBITUARY
Cuppernutt Byron New York Company G, 14th New York H. A.  
Delano Francis New York Company I, 34th New York Infantry PHOTOS
Donoho William Pennsylvania   OBITUARY
Dorathy Charles Minnesota Company C, 1st Minnesota Infantry OBITUARY
Dorathy Eugene Baxter Illinois Company I, 147th Illinois Infantry PHOTO
Dressler Joseph Indiana Company I, 8th Indiana H. A.  
Dressler Josiah Freeman Indiana Indiana Infantry April 28, 1847 - December 28, 1925
Durham Robert Kansas Company G, 7th Kansas Calvary  
Easter Samuel Iowa Company C, 19th Iowa OBITUARY
Foss W. W. Maine - Massachusetts (ISHS) Company H, 23rd Maine Infantry - Company H, 23rd Massachusetts Infantry (ISHS) OBITUARY
Franklin Luther Wisconsin Artillery Company Wisconsin OBITUARY
Gladish Mordecai Missouri 75th Missouri OBITUARY
Gray William Missouri 43rd Missouri Infantry 09/03/1847 - 12/25/1926
Green Phineas Pennsylvania Company D, 79th Pennsylvania  
Groesbeck John     OBITUARY
Ham David Wisconsin Company E, 8th Wisconsin Infantry OBITUARY
Hoskins George Wisconsin Company A, 13th Wisconsin Infantry MRS OBITUARY
Hoskins Omar Iowa Company H, 19th Iowa Infantry  
Howk Martin Indiana Company F, 25th Indiana Infantry  
Jamison Joseph Illinois Company H, 111th Illinois Infantry  
Jimerson J. W. Illinois Company H, 111th Illinois Infantry OBITUARY
Johnson George Massachusetts Company G, 6th Massachusetts Infantry  
King Samuel W.     OBITUARY
Knight Henry Wisconsin 39th Wisconsin Infantry OBITUARY
Lamb Samuel      
Luther Arthur New York Company I, 10th New York Heavy Artillery OBITUARY
Lyon Taylor Charles     OBITUARY
Mahoney Micheal      
Maxwell Volney Illinois Company C, 2nd Illinois Cavalry  
Miller Abram Indiana   OBITUARY
Moore A. H.      
Moss Albert Bartlett Illinois Company B, 45th Illinois Infantry OBITUARY
Muller Charles Frederick Philadelphia   January 11, 1844 April 17, 1919
Neal John Arkansas Company A, 1st Arkansas Cavalry OBITUARY
Newlon H. B. Kansas 17th Kansas Infantry OBITUARY
Ogg Hiram Iowa Company A, 27th Iowa Infantry  
Oliver Joshua Minnesota Company I, 2nd Missesota Cavalry OBITUARY
Payne Waldo W. Michigan Company K, 29th Michigan Infantry 11/16/1833 - 03/09/1920
Perkins James M. Illinois Company G, 34th Illinois Infantry PHOTO
Prestol John Ohio Company D, 1st Ohio Artillery  
Rent Edgar New York Company I, 60th New York  
Rose Addison Nevada    
Rowe Alexander Ohio Company A, 1st Ohio Battery - Company G, 7th Ohio Infantry  
Ruse Sylvanus Ohio Company C, 81 Ohio Infantry PHOTOS
Shawhan Joseph Iowa Company B, 33rd (83rd?) Iowa Infantry
Company K, 9th Iowa Cavalry
Slinker Levi Illinois Company G, 71st Illinois Infantry OBITUARY
Sloneker Jacob Iowa Company F, 15th Iowa Infantry OBITUARY
Snyder Edward New York Company G, 12th New York Volunteer Infantry BIOGRAPHY
Sparks S. L.     OBITUARY
Stuart William      
Swartz Benjamin Illinois Company G, 16th Illinois Infantry OBITUARY
Taylor George Michigan Company B, II Michigan Infantry OBITUARY
Taylor Samuel Wisconsin Company K, 41t Wisconsin and Company G, 7th Wisconsin OBITUARY
Thayer George Michigan Company K, 6th Michigan Heavy Artillery OBITUARY
Vanduser Nelson Michigan Company A, 12th Michigan Infantry  
Wacker John Henry Ohio Company B, 107th Ohio Volunteer Infantry OBITUARY
Wagnor Jesse Colorado Company H, 1st Colorado Cavalry 1834 - 06/01/1922
Walters Thomas Ganes   Confederate Soldier OBITUARY
Warden Jeptha Smith Missouri 55th Missouri OBITUARY
Young Levi Edward Pennsylvania Company I, 29th Pennsylvania Infantry OBITUARY

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